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snowchaser -> Nero Home settings help!! (10/19/2005 6:31:31 AM)

Hi Experts,

I have installed Nero 7, and am having trouble getting my WinFast TV card to work.

The picture is fine, but I can't get the audio to work... I think it may just be a setting in Nero Home, but since the TV setup ran when I first opened it, I can't find how to edit the settings in Nero Home?

Any ideas? I am sure its something obvious I am overlooking.



mrtokie420 -> RE: Nero Home settings help!! (11/5/2005 4:47:21 PM)

im having the same problem, how do you edit the tv settings after the initial setup? 

SithTracy -> RE: Nero Home settings help!! (11/5/2005 5:06:45 PM)

I don't haved a TV Card, but did you try bringing the "wrench" icon forward and double-clicking it to get into the settings.  There was something for configuring a TV Card.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Nero Home settings help!! (11/5/2005 5:50:21 PM)

I don't have a TV card either..... I wish I could help.

Zebadee -> RE: Nero Home settings help!! (11/5/2005 11:17:11 PM)

Hi [:)]
Do as Sith Tracy suggests. I don't have a tv card either so when I click on setup for said card ,it naturally told me no card found.
If your using d/l of Nero 7, d/l the relevant help file, drop it into the correct directory. Then to get it to work. Right click > left click properties > left click unblock  > then apply.

mrtokie420 -> RE: Nero Home settings help!! (11/6/2005 9:55:55 PM)

you can click on the wrench icon but after you set the options the first time it does not let you change them..... pretty dumb if you ask me.  I've looked everywhere to find those options but they dont exist, hopefully a update comes out soon to correct this problem.

Manfred -> RE: Nero Home settings help!! (12/4/2005 5:22:34 PM)

I have the same problem.
After first TV card configuration, I cannot find any possibility to change the settings.
I have send a question to the and I am waiting for an answer.
If you hav found a solution, please inform me at !
Maybe the problem is not NERO, but the TV CARD.
Is it possible to configure the TV CARD from Windows XP (not using NERO) ???
Mayb re-install it ?!?!

From Russia With Love !!!

Manfred -> I have found the solution !!! (12/10/2005 3:11:59 PM)


Dear friends,
I have got a big problem with audio settings in CyberLink Power Cinema 2.0 / 4.0 and in Ahead Nero Home (Nero 7.0 Platinium). After first settings I could not hear anything from my speakers. It was also not possible to change the settings. After four days of trying and thinking I have found the solution. I hope, you can use it.
The main problem is the PAL system setting. In my country (Poland) we use PAL_D system. In the file <CyberLink\PowerCinema\Kernel\TV\CountryCode.txt> I have found the information that for the most CEE countries the default setting is PAL_B. This includes Germany and Poland and is WRONG !!!
Now I have tried many different other settings and I found out that the best country setting is Romania or China (can you imagine?).
The next problem was, how to change the pre-set channel settings. The configuration of the TV card run only once, by the first use.
Also here I have found the solution:
You must first remove / delete the programs (PowerCinema or NeroHome) from the computer. It can be made by <Uninstall> or <Instrument Panel>.
But this is not enough.
You also must clean the registry entries. This is not so easy, but you can use <RegCleaner> software. It is also possible to do it manually using <regedit> command and then delete the entries step-by-step. You should be very careful and delete only the keys marked with Cyberlink PowerCinema or Ahead / Nero in all the categories.
It makes it possible to make a new installation (from the beginning) without old values of TV channel settings written in the registry. I am sure, that it is possible to remove only one key, but I could not find out which one, so I deleted all of them. It works, but be careful.
Then you have o install the program once again. I have made it many times checking different possibilities. In my opinion it is better to find and install the CyberLink Power Cinema 4.0 then the older versions attached to the hardware. It works better, the video settings are better, you can find much more channels. I have also installed Ahead Nero 7.0 with Nero Home. In Nero the quality of video and audio is much better than in Power Cinema, but the functions are different. It is up to your choice.
The installation with previous registry cleaning is recognized by the WinXP as a first ever installation of the software. So you can start with the configuration of TV. Please by careful:
As country give ROMANIA, try first with only 2 speakers stereo. Then the automatic scan of analog TV channels should run. After scan (in NERO) you can change the settings for each channel (position and name) but also under the button <advanced> it is possible to change the PAL system. Set in manually to PAL_D (check it by your cable signal supplier or simply check it in the video recorder settings).
It is better to change the settings from speaker to headset, even if you use speakers.
So I hope it will work and you will be able to hear your TV from the PC.

Best regards from Warsaw / Poland !!!

P.S. I hope you will understand my English ?!?!?!

proglamor -> RE: Nero Home settings help!! (8/31/2006 3:13:14 AM)

I got  find the one method to setting nero home TV.

1. Excute the SEARCH tool in Windows   :  <Ctrl + F>

2.Typing the  word  "NMTvWizard.exe"  and click the Search button :   It is located at the <C:\program files\common files\ahead\lib >

3. If search job done properly, you can see the "NMTvWizard" icon and just click it..

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