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smithscf -> video overlay (10/19/2005 5:22:32 AM)

Hello everyone,  I'm wondering if someone knows how to do real-time annotation onto with the following:

1.  CCD camera with analog output (image changing with time) --
2.  Computer display information from data acquisition software (temperature) to be overlayed onto image
3.  actual real-time (time to be placed at bottom of image with temperature info)

The information needs to be overlayed in real-time onto the analog output of the camera and then recorded onto to tape or dvd.  Quality of the image of the camera should not be degraded.  I do have a digital board for the camera that also has a digital output but it is way too slow for the scientific application.  I would be interested in any possible solutions. Ideas?

Thanks very much!  Richard

emperor -> RE: video overlay (10/21/2005 4:40:37 PM)

even i don't know such details, it looks to me that you need a special PCI Mpeg1/2/4 grabber to HDD

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