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sp -> Deployment cost for 1 Gbit Ethernet (11/26/2003 10:10:22 AM)

I know 1Gbit Ethrnet can be deployed under UTP 5e cabling. I think newer FTP cables might offer some advantage for compatibility with future developments. The expense, as I hear from electrical engineers whos job is to deploy such infrastructures, is 20-30% per seat, if I am correct.

My concern here, and I need the knowledge of our readers on this, is to estimate the overall cost per NIC and SWITCH for installing a full 1Gbit Ethernet instead of a 100Mbit one. The later's cost in the south-eastern europe, currently seems to be 15 euros per NIC and ... Euros per SWITCH. In the later case I think we sould consider the case of an 8 ports device, able to be up connected to 24 other ports with the best possible performance.

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