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hkm -> LFN > 64 char in Win98SE? (10/14/2005 4:16:35 AM)

Here's a question I've posted to alt.comp.freeware and to a few other CD burning sites, but have yet to get a definitive answer.

Simply: it it possible to burn long filenames that exceed 64 characters in Windows 98 SE? I've tried with several options in burners I've tested [Roxio/Adaptec EasyCD v 4.x, my default burner, CDBurnerXP, BurnAtOnce and a few others], but haven't been able to get past the 64 character limit. My question is: is this even possible in Win98SE? I've been looking at both CD burning and backup software that has the ability to do this, but am coming up empty. So, my current feeling is that this isn't possible.
Specifically, is there a way around the Joliet Names 64 character limit?

I'd settle for Long Joliet, 103 characters, but ideally, I'd like support for ISO Level 4, which allows 207 characters.

So far, I've had to manually cut the filenames with a freeware tool called "Long Filename Finder." It shows me the files that exceed X number of characters.
I'm not interested in just truncating all -- there are several freeware tools that can do this, taking out whitespace, or just chopping off the last X number of characters. But since my filenames have important info that I want to preserve, in burning to CD, I am looking here for some help.

I've also looked at the excellent CD-R Recording FAQ, but this didn't specifically answer my question.I think I know that the answer is that this is impossible, but am looking for a definitive answer.

Thus far, the *only* prog that _may_ do this is Easyburning, freeware. The prog's author told me he did this "once," and it "seemed to be fine," but I'm looking for something a bit more definitive than that. [I've yet to test out Easyburning, but will report on it here when I have.]

And ideas will be entertained!

Kittie Spit

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