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unfo -> More issues with PDGDC-dlx RAID control (10/12/2005 5:43:19 AM)

Hi, I bought a p5gdc-dlx and i cant get my hdd running on raid.

this is what i think it's supposed to be:

on ide-slot>cdrom master on black thing
on raid1>hdd matrox 160gig master on black thing too

in the raidcontrol setup it's talking about arrays but i cant get my single hdd on it, is that normal? do i need 2 hdd's for raid to work or what?
in bios i dont see anything about my hdd on raid, it just doesnt exist there.

then it goes strange: i startup, i get the windows loading screen (so he does read from my hdd), and then i get that blue screen saying there is an error.

all these things dont happen when i just put both devices on ide1, but then i have no slots to spare for more cd and hdd devices..

what am i doing wrong?

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