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Polperro -> Small InCD problem (11/17/2003 11:45:09 PM)

I have InCD running on WinXP Pro.

Every time I reboot my PC I get an explorer window with the contents of my InCD drive immediately after startup. How do I stop this appearing every time I start Windows? It's no big deal to close the window but it does get annoying!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


dburg -> RE: Small InCD problem (11/18/2003 2:20:31 AM)

Do you have something special in your "startup" folder of start|programs?

Polperro -> RE: Small InCD problem (11/18/2003 3:51:50 AM)

Thanks for the reply dburg.

I have 12ghosts QuickStart, 12ghosts Wash & SpamPal in my startup folder on the start menu, though other programs start up using registry settings. Other programs that start when windows does are Panda AV Titanium, Zone alarm and Incredimail.

The problem goes away if I uninstall InCD & started immediately after it was installed. My CDRW drive is a Liteon 16102b if that's any help.

Just ask if you need more info & thanks again.

dburg -> RE: Small InCD problem (11/26/2003 12:12:35 AM)

Honestly I unfortunately I no idea what could case such issue.

The thing InCD installer do register for been started at log-in time is the GUI of InCD (InCD.exe) - but this is a tray-icon application and contains no code for opening an explorer windows. [:0]

Polperro -> RE: Small InCD problem (11/26/2003 1:04:58 AM)

I've gone back to v3.31 & it's working as it should do.

Thanks anyway.

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