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drowsy -> HDL DUMP NETWORK ?? (9/24/2005 10:41:42 AM)

Hi guys,

i have the hdl_dump_gui-2.1 and want to start stransfering my games from the pc to the ps2 hdd through network. The problem is i dont know if i need a cross over cable or straight cable, and HOW am i going to give an IP to the ps2, initialize the hdd and actually access it through HDL DUMP.


emperor -> RE: HDL DUMP NETWORK ?? (9/24/2005 3:22:01 PM)

you need to load a FTP Server at the PS2, there is a rather complicated procedure

drowsy -> RE: HDL DUMP NETWORK ?? (9/24/2005 5:49:41 PM)

well what i need is someone that explains that to me

emperor -> RE: HDL DUMP NETWORK ?? (10/21/2005 5:22:43 PM)

welcome to the club[:)]

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