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willc -> Making karaoke CDs (11/12/2003 7:05:35 PM)

Hello, folks. I'm a newcomer to this list and hope someone may be able to help with a problem I have.
Using DART CD+G software, the .wav file of a song I wrote, a .txt file of the lyric and a.jpg file of a logo, I created a karaoke song which I burned using an HP 8290 CDROM running under WIN98SE to a TDK disk. The file that winds up on disk is .bin. The recorded file plays fine on my computer using the DART CD-G player built in to their software, but when I took the disk to a gin mill where the DJ used a JVC DVD player, it would not play.

I'd like to be able to make karaoke CDs that will play on any karaoke player. I will be grateful for any suggestions on hardware, software, media or anything else involved.

Thanks kindly.
Will Connelly

MP3Mogul -> RE: Making karaoke CDs (11/13/2003 1:13:43 AM)

Well a bin file is simply an "image" it is not playable, I have no experience with the software you are trying to use, but the file will have to be burned properly.

sp -> RE: Making karaoke CDs (11/13/2003 7:24:39 PM)

As its name implies, I expect the DART CD+G software allows editing of the subcodes for creating a karaoke disc.

Bin files can be anything between 2048 bytes per sector up to 2460. Please rip the song onto hard disc and check if it is a multiple of 2352 or 2460. (The division should produce an integer result.)

In your case it seems an incompatibility either in the part of the recording application, or the player. Somehow it seems you have created a non-standard karaoke disc.

Personally, I do not know of any other recording application for your case. You will have to experiment yourself. That is use an Hexadecimal editor and find out the offending bytes/bits, something beyond the average users' potentials.

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