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MP3Mogul -> Nero 7 Premium Review (9/19/2005 5:56:38 AM)

I will be testing Nero 7.0 Premium and running it through it's tasks in the next week.  I will post a review for all to read.  This promises to be the best Nero yet, and I look forward to testing and writing this review!

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (9/19/2005 3:22:51 PM)

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MP3Mogul -> RE: Nero 7 Premium Review (9/19/2005 4:50:33 PM)

Update:  I'll be receiving Nero 7 Premium tomorrow from Nero, so perhaps I can get on it right away.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Nero 7 Premium Review (9/20/2005 6:54:23 PM)

A Few Pictures:



Nero Ultra 7 comes in a very attractive box.  The lid flips to reveal the software (2 CD Set), 1 Installation Disc, 1 Tutorial Disc, a quick user guide, and a placard for registration and bonus for music.

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Matthew -> RE: Nero 7 Premium Review (9/23/2005 4:31:44 PM)

Not sure, does it say "$20 competitive upgrade release" on the box - does that signify a trade-in offer?

MP3Mogul -> RE: Nero 7 Premium Review (9/23/2005 6:03:20 PM)

You don't have to trade anything in.  If you have a previous copy of:

Roxio: Easy Media Creator, Easy CD&DVD Creator, any previous Nero Version, Pinnacle Studio, Pinnacle Instant CD&DVD, Pinnacle Studio Media Suite, Intervideo: WinDVD Creator, MediaOne, DVD Copy, Ulead: DiscCreator, VideoStudio...

All those products qualify, you simply need the title page from the Original Retail version of any software listed above, and you get a $20.00 rebate.  No OEM copies are allowed for this.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Nero 7 Premium Review (9/24/2005 5:08:31 PM)

Here's a screenshot of testing with Plextools Pro 2.25, first dual layer burn with Nero 7 Ultra.  Superb quality burn, note the extreme smooth transition between layers....  Burned at 6x with a Plextor 716:


Matthew -> RE: Nero 7 Premium Review (9/24/2005 5:26:21 PM)

Thanks, if the rebate is only $20 or equivalent, then I'll get myself a local half price V6 reloaded retail and make use of the free upgrade to V7 (download edition).

I'd be surprised if quality altered between any software - isn't that just an urban legend?
If the burn succeeds at all, the data goes to the drive, and the drive / media are responsible for the quality or lack of.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Nero 7 Premium Review (9/25/2005 7:37:26 AM)

That was simply the first DL burn I did with the 7 burning engine.  There is a markable difference in the transition between layers between the 7 burning engine and the 6.  The 7 burning engine is much smoother, even for the same drive, same disc, and same burn.  (Review Coming Soon).

MaStAViC -> RE: Nero 7 Premium Review (10/16/2005 12:03:32 AM)

Hey MP3Mogul,
How are you?  I am planning to purchase Nero 7 when it is released in less than two weeks, but would love to know some information about it before it is released (so I know if I want to purchase it or not).  Have you written the review on it yet?  If you have, where can I find it?  And if you have not, are you still planning to write a review?  Thank you in advance.

Oh, and I read in a report that one of the cons of Nero 7 is that it has a "large installation" or something.  Exactly how big is it?  My current Nero 6.6 only uses about 40MB - how much bigger is Nero 7?  Thanks!

-=MaStA ViC

Zebadee -> RE: Nero 7 Premium Review (10/16/2005 3:48:56 AM)

Hi [:)]
Installing Nero 7 takes 325mb, so large indeed & for most is over the top. I'd suggest sticking with the latest  version of  6 for the time being.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Nero 7 Premium Review (10/16/2005 6:11:55 AM)

I cannot comment further on Nero 7 due to a verbal NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) between myself and Nero.  Once Nero has been "fully" released, I will be glad to answer questions regarding it.

Thanks for understanding.

Should you purchase it?  YES, it's WELL worth the money.

filebox -> RE: Nero 7 Premium Review (10/16/2005 12:51:49 PM)

yes i agree with zebadee its over the top. stay with 6.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Nero 7 Premium Review (10/16/2005 1:51:32 PM)

Actually, it's 205 mb, and it's not "over the top" the improvements and enhancements make this the best Nero so far!

Zebadee -> RE: Nero 7 Premium Review (10/16/2005 2:36:35 PM)

Hi [:)]
Obviously they have to give us that little bit more in the UK. (Been available for almost a fortnight.)
Nero 7 Ultra Edition size on hard drive according to add/remove programs 324mbs+80.01mbs for Nero Photoshow Express.
Right click on Nero folder in directories & goto properties gives a figure of 268mbs.
So not sure how you get 205mbs.

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