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tqhoang -> RE: History of the Internet (9/2/2005 4:53:10 PM)

Damn, so Al Gore didn't invent the Internet?

MP3Mogul -> RE: History of the Internet (9/2/2005 7:16:21 PM)

Actually, much of the interface in the mid to late 80's was written in a language called "Natural".... I know this, because I coded hours and hours and hours of it in the military for the internet!!!!

No I'm not Al Gore either!! LOL....

sp -> RE: History of the Internet (9/3/2005 4:20:51 AM)

A major role played the ATT split around 1984, in the Reagan area. That move "democratized" communications and allowed other parties to do enter the telecoms business, thus accelerating the low-cost data exchange that eventually led to today's Internet.

Of course, all this has happened because once transmitting "digital" packets over coper lines the available bandwidth becomes enormous and thus cost per byte almost vanishes.

In fact early DSL demonstrations took place just before or around the time Internet went commercial.

An other interesting fact is perhaps that DSL uses a modulation similar to the one promoted by the so-called multi-level recording 6-7 years ago!

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