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Question :-

What does it mean when you see OEM Hardware mentioned ?

Answer :-

Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEM hardware almost never comes with manuals, disks, or other support information.
Since the OEM-packaged hardware is aimed at computer professionals, the manufacturer assumes that the system builder will download the latest drivers off the Web, and that the system builder will not need instructions.

OEM hardware usually comes packaged in an unpadded box or plastic bag.When it is shipped in bulk to the computer company or system builder, the manufacturer just sends it in a minimally padded bulk pack. When unpacked, each unit will usually be wrapped in plastic bags or shrinkwrap.

OEM hardware sometimes carries a different brand stamp.
As an example, Creative Labs sells Soundblaster-compatible cards to system builders under the "Vibra" brand name. These cards are very similar to their retail counterparts, except that they carry the "Vibra" name instead of the famous "Soundblaster" name.

OEM hardware is cheaper than retail.
That's the whole idea behind OEM packaging. By minimizing packaging and cutting various corners, manufacturers can pass the savings on to system builders and other computer companies. If a local computer store is offering equipment at a substantially lower cost than the local competition, they might be reselling OEM equipment.

If an expensive piece of Hardware fails and your dealer leaves you high and dry you may be completely unable to get any service or support !!!
Remember that with OEM hardware you are usually completely dependent on the dealer for help and warranty service !!!
If your dealer inspires such confidence OEM components may be a sensible choice for you !!!

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