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sp_admin -> Taiwan could be mythical 'Hawaiki' a researcher says (8/19/2005 5:41:39 PM)

A genetics researcher yesterday added her voice to claims that a mythical island of origin known to a number of Polynesian ethnic groups as "Hawaiki" could be referring to Taiwan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs-backed seminar invited local and overseas reporters to attend in an apparent attempt to distinguish Taiwan's indigenous heritage from China.

Mackay Memorial Hospital researcher Lin Ma-li said that "Australia's Aboriginal Maori people" believe that their ancestors came from a place known as "Hawaiki." She said that correspondence between the DNA of indigenous peoples in the South Pacific and Hawaii suggested that Taiwan might be that place, given their purported common origin.

Maori are in fact the indigenous people of New Zealand, and Australia's Aborigines are not ethnically related to the Maori.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mark Chen also attended the meeting.

It was not clear what fresh political purpose the genetic evidence might serve, given that a number of researchers in anthropology, archeology and linguistics have argued for close to two decades that Taiwan was the dispersal point for seafarers who migrated throughout the Pacific and as far west as Madagascar.


WinThusiast -> RE: Taiwan could be mythical 'Hawaiki' a researcher says (8/22/2005 6:45:04 AM)

Very interesting news, sp! [;)]

So, now, Polynesians need to claim Hawaiki-Taiwan back....and China will be empty handed...hahahahaha...[:)][:D] ( at least I am 100% sure that if....i.e...someone proved without a doubt, that Taiwan was a part of some ancient American islands....Bush would surely send troops right away to claim it back no matter what....btw....whats the oil price today?...need to sell few barrels....[8D][;)])

sp -> RE: Taiwan could be mythical 'Hawaiki' a researcher says (8/30/2005 12:29:46 PM)

Over 70 USD today!

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