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SiliconFreak -> "Secure CD" is introduced into music CD on Toshiba EMI and August 31 ! (8/19/2005 9:00:21 AM)

Toshiba EMI Ltd. newly adopts "Secure CD" as copyright protection/copy control technology of music CD. It was clarified to introduce it from a part of title put on the market on August 31.

 Concretely, three "Special price board of the Demon Daz limited time" of "Storets Ob love" of THE ROLLING STONES (TOCP-40182/1,050 yen), "A Bigar van" (TOCP-66440/2,548 yen), and GORILLAZ (TOCP-66466/1,680 yen) is secure CD in music CD put on the market on August 31. It is displayed as a commodity display on the back side of a pertinent commodity, "There is a restriction in use with the personal computer".

 Secure CD can be reproduced with the CD player etc. as well as usual music CD. However, when reading with PC as well as CCCD, some limitations have been installed. First of all, special software starts automatically when inserting it in PC. This software is used and the reproduction of the CD-DA data, the copy to HDD, and the copy of the batch of the disk to CD-R are possible.

 The compression format that can be selected when HDD is copied is only WMA, and the WMA file with the DRM protection is made. The copy to CD-R can copy each tune that uses Windows Media Player with the copy of the batch of the disk that used special software. However, it becomes only both frequencies set to the disk beforehand.

 The made WMA file can be forwarded to a portable audio player corresponding to WMA DRM by using Windows Media Player. Moreover, the analog recording such as cassettes can be done. In addition, only the age fee can be copied about a digital recording to MD and DAT, etc.

 OS of special software doesn't correspond to 64bit version Windows and Mac OS with Windows XP alone. It doesn't correspond even to iTunes, MAGIQLIP2, and SonicStage, etc.

 "Detailed information on the technology is a policy of not making it public though the doubt when the user uses it and the support of the trouble are done" of this company is a technology adopted for this secure CD. Moreover, the relation to CCCD being put on the market now is assumed to be "As for the change with CCCD and the schedule for the future, it is undecided though secure CD is consideration of the improvement of copyright protection and user's convenience".

- Homepage of Toshiba EMI

- Explanation page of secure CD

Source : Excite.co.jp

sp -> RE: "Secure CD" is introduced into music CD on Toshiba EMI and August 31 ! (8/19/2005 6:34:41 PM)

It seems this copy protection works by making use of the Windows intrinsic drivers and the DRM subsystem of Windows Media Player.

It would be nice to see if it withstands alternative I/O drivers (for example from Nero) and the usual CD copy applications (and their tricks)...

MP3Mogul -> RE: "Secure CD" is introduced into music CD on Toshiba EMI and August 31 ! (8/19/2005 8:09:31 PM)

I can't WAIT to test this!  I believe I can get around this in 10 seconds or less, but we'll have to wait and see when I can get one in my hand.

If the idiots at the RIAA knew how many CD's I have purchased over the years, they would NOT want people like me to experience a situation where I cannot freely back it up.  Because, if I can't, then I will no longer purchase CD's from companies that have this protection on it....

But on the bright side, as I said, I bet I can get around this in about 10 seconds... we'll just wait and see.....[;)]

SiliconFreak -> RE: "Secure CD" is introduced into music CD on Toshiba EMI and August 31 ! (8/20/2005 5:50:10 AM)

You hacker-cracker You, MP3Mogul....[8D][:D][:)][;)]

No hacking-cracking posting here, remember? We almost banned one member for publishing posts...[:)]

But...its not illegal to say whether some security (like copy protection in our case) isnt as good as they claim...thats always good to know...even for them, so that they can improve it...[;)]

So let us know more about your progress....[:D]

And btw...I totally agree with you and your anger about backups...by my opinion...they could easily establish some online database for all music CD's...and each buyer would have to register...and would need to login there when he wants to make backup...easy and safe...and i would also lock each members acount to their IP's...and in case someone else login with their username and password...ip wouldnt match...so no backup...[8D] And in case someone relocates....he just put his new ip inside members pages there...and old ip is deactivated...and new one is activated...buy only 1 ip per member...and also maybe 3 changes of ip per year....that would be one of the easiest methods for controlled backups...in case they want that!?...[:)]...not 100% safe...(like nothing else isnt!)...but more effective...[;)]

MP3Mogul -> RE: "Secure CD" is introduced into music CD on Toshiba EMI and August 31 ! (8/20/2005 3:19:03 PM)

That's a very good suggestion!

I'm not talking about hacking or cracking, well perhaps just a workaround for me to make a LEGAL backup of my copies that I purchase.  Currently my CD Audio Collection is just over 13,000 CD's.  So as you can see, they REALLY don't want me to stop purchasing CD's.  This is where I got the name "MP3Mogul" because I started converting them to MP3 years ago for backup purposes. 

I really like your idea, but they probably wouldn't, simply because they didn't come up with it!

SiliconFreak -> RE: "Secure CD" is introduced into music CD on Toshiba EMI and August 31 ! (8/20/2005 6:30:47 PM)

Is it (a good idea)? [:)] Thanks! [;)] Maybe I should sell it to RIAA then? I may give them extra discount...[:D]...or maybe even compensate with them for some 15000 CD's (just to beat you and your collection)....[8D][8D][8D] *JOKE*

Look...its only one of millions of possibilities to satisfy everyone...them (RIAA) to prevent people to make illegal copies...and for people to be able to get what they pay for! Because by my opinion, the reality is...that music producers are already making way to much out of this...so either they'll like it or not...they would need to settle for less $$$ sooner or later(same goes to many others too - computer manufacturers,electronics,everything... - cause what good is it to i.e. receive 10$ higher salary, when in same time everything else goes up for 100$...that sux!)...cause in other case...if prices would still go up...more and more people will make illegal copies no matter what....and no protection like this ULTRA MEGA [8D] "Secure CD" will stop them....I am 100% sure about that! [;)] Or...in case they would like to keep such prices...at least give more to the buyers...its all about compromise...but this way...to just pump $$$ out of people's pockets...and give them nothing in return...and even try to restrict them to make backup copies....no way...thats a bad move![:@] I just asked myself what the he** are they doing at RIAA? Sleeping? Or so busy with counting $$$? [8D] Because...i.e....I got that idea from above within 5 minutes....1 person....and there are at least some 1000 or more....and if that was all they can think of...shame on them...really! I just got another idea...to maybe charge some 5$ less at each music CD purchased....and then...if buyer wants to make a copy (maybe with use of the procedure from my first idea-with registration first,ip logging,etc)...charge them later for each copy....maybe a dollar or 2...and maybe limit max backup copies to some 3 or so...and later block it totally....let him/her buy new CD if they want more copies...[;)]

Well enough for now...hopefully RIAA will see this...and maybe invite me to give them more ideas....cause they surely need fresh waves to blow through their offices...and wake up their sleeping minds...[8D][:D]

And finally....I was just kidding about your hacking-cracking...[:)]...and also...I already thought that your name surely must have something with your collection....you surely are Mogul (MP3 one)! [;)] 

Good luck with your empire...and let us all hope for the best results here...[;)]

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