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ZOverLord -> Stanford security experts unveil ''SPOOFGUARD'' (7/26/2005 3:43:23 PM)

It’s an online con that is growing fast and stealing tens of millions of dollars.
An e-mail seemingly from a financial institution instructs you to log on to a legitimate-looking Web site. Such “phishing” attacks exploit a universal weakness in online security: passwords.

To read the rest of the story and download this new utility please go here:

Matthew -> RE: Stanford security experts unveil ''SPOOFGUARD'' (7/26/2005 4:26:44 PM)

An earlier idea, somewhat less detailed

Spoofstick alerts you to the actual host address, behind the obfuscated url - it does not make judgements about "almost correct" urls.
This one is a lot more powerful - in fact, careless twiddling could create a lot of false alarms

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