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SiliconFreak -> Norton AntiVirus 2006 Beta ! (7/25/2005 6:48:31 PM)

The beta version of Norton AntiVirus 2006 for Windows 2000/XP is now available for download.

Norton AntiVirus 2006 includes new improvements and features. Download the product now! Surf the Internet. Play your favorite games. Symantec is interested in your feedback and will give a FREE copy of Norton AntiVirus 2006 to the first 50 beta users who submit undocumented bugs. Winners will be notified via email.

Symantec does not provide technical support on beta version software products. However, product feedback should be sent to To qualify for a free copy of Norton AntiVirus 2006, include your complete mailing information in your email message.

Please note that this beta release expires 30 days after the product is installed.

Download : Norton AntiVirus 2006 beta 6 | (Sign up here for product key)

Source : Symantec

flip3962 -> RE: Norton AntiVirus 2006 Beta ! (8/11/2005 4:11:52 PM)

So how do early results look?
I have Norton Internet Security 2005.  Have been plagued with bug that requires activation every boot.  Re-installed, downloaded patch, talked to support.  My question is . . .  when subscription runs out in Nov, do I upgrade or switch to another product?

MP3Mogul -> RE: Norton AntiVirus 2006 Beta ! (8/11/2005 6:26:24 PM)

I am a beta tester for ALL Norton Products.

Right now we are in the final stages of reaching GOLD software.  Gold software is when a product is about to be released.  There are not any problems at all with NAV 2006.  There are a few issues with IS 2006, and NSW 2006, which should be fixed in our next (hopefully final) beta.....

dianaserenil -> RE: Norton AntiVirus 2006 Beta ! (3/31/2006 4:56:47 PM)

i need aproduct key for my norton

SiliconFreak -> RE: Norton AntiVirus 2006 Beta ! (3/31/2006 5:34:35 PM)

Just look on the original package...I am sure its there...[;)]

MP3Mogul -> RE: Norton AntiVirus 2006 Beta ! (3/31/2006 5:35:52 PM)

That's because the beta is expired now, because the full release is out... so no key will work.  If you'd like to use Norton 2006 now, you'll have to purchase it.

SiliconFreak -> RE: Norton AntiVirus 2006 Beta ! (3/31/2006 5:39:20 PM)

Hahahaha....we have clocks set only a minute apart, MP3Mogul.....hahhahaha...[:D]

And if so...then dianaserenil should listen to what mister Mogul said and BUY BUY BUY....[;)]

major9686 -> RE: Norton AntiVirus 2006 Beta ! (4/1/2006 12:01:10 AM)

I prefer kaspersky ..
its lighter on the system resources and all ;)
*listen to some rock :)*

(tomorrow I will probably get a call from the store tellin' me to come and pick up my new HDD :) yay !!)

I used to LOVE norton stuff but .. now I hate it ..
all it does is just givin' me problems :(

SithTracy -> RE: Norton AntiVirus 2006 Beta ! (4/1/2006 12:05:58 AM)

Ditto on Kaspersky.  Great virus scanner... Probably the best available right now.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Norton AntiVirus 2006 Beta ! (4/1/2006 6:14:44 AM)

I much agree... I use the Norton Corporate editions, much Lighter and they use less resources...

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