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T3TRISizer -> XBOX 360 Vs. PS3: An In Depth Look ! (7/18/2005 10:57:20 PM)

All gamers are awaiting the release of the Xbox 360 and the PS3. This article takes an in depth look at how the two systems compare.

Everyone has seen an Xbox and a PS2 in action and we are all waiting to see which of the two next generation consoles for the two systems will have the edge when it comes to graphics. We have all seen the screenshots of the games on the two systems but what about actual gameplay graphics. Despite the hot debate, when you look at the numbers the two systems use a different but equally effective method of delivering graphics processing power. The XBOX uses a custom ATI processor with 48 graphics pipelines and the PS2 has a custom NVIDA graphics processor with an estimated 24 pipelines. The numbers are misleading because the PS2 piplines are more powerful than the XBOX pipelines. In the end the two different graphics processors will deliver about the same amount of power, we can expect to see impressive results from both sides.

Both systems have several franchise titles such as Halo2 for the XBOX and Gran Tourismo for the PS2 that you will see in the next generation systems, but what other games can you expect to see. If you are a fan of genres such as role playing that are dominated by Japanese and other foreign developers such as Square, you should look forward to the PS3. There is no indication that the XBOX 360 is going to gain much more support from foreign developers and buyers than the original XBOX. An article on reports that only two percent of Japanese gamers are interested in buying an XBOX 360, with sixty percent looking forward to the PS3 and eight percent to the Nintendo Revolution. Overall you can expect to see more games on the PS3 than the XBOX 360, reflecting the selection for the current generation systems. Only time will which console will have the quality of games which all of us are been expecting.

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Source : Thetechzone

PuppetMasta -> RE: XBOX 360 Vs. PS3: An In Depth Look ! (7/19/2005 12:15:07 AM)

I think you got a point with the battle of the but i gotta say PS3 will take it once again theres just more role playing on the Playstation systems that we've seen in the past and of course there are more fight gun hoe games for the Xbox but if u look at it I think Playstation already knows it'lldo well just like before ...i mean wherre do they ship the games after the Playstation is done (per say) with them lets just face it the Xbox is just the little brother (in a way) to the Playstation ......there always waiting for the hand me downs (Games ....Gta:Sa...Spinter cell ..Area 51 etc) So in close i got'z my money on the PS3 to take control once again .

SiliconFreak -> RE: XBOX 360 Vs. PS3: An In Depth Look ! (7/19/2005 2:20:31 PM)

Hello and Welcome PupperMasta...[;)]

My bets are also on PS3...and from all details that emerged so will be a clear winner...and looking from games side of view...there are more and better ones for PS than victory here...[:)]

flammable pyro -> RE: XBOX 360 Vs. PS3: An In Depth Look ! (11/27/2005 1:58:20 PM)

i disagree
it mostly depends on what type of gamer u are. i want an xbox360 because i had a ps2 and an xbox. ps2 waz very disapointing seriously xbox was way more customized and im not saying ps3 will suck because it hasent come out but from what a read from xbox360 and seen im going for it. i like the accesories and the way u customize it plus ps3 looks like a printer its not apealing to me. plus i hear that xbox360 will be more expensive 500$ xbox360 did disapoint there fans with making 2 different systems and yes im not very happy with the core system because if u wana play xbox games u have to buy a hardrive for 100$ which would already bring u up to the premuim for less. take my advice if u dont want an xbox wait for ps3 and then see but if u do want a xbox go for the premium package.  ill look later into ps3 deeper but for now im sticking with microsoft....

Tony Veglis -> RE: XBOX 360 Vs. PS3: An In Depth Look ! (11/28/2005 6:50:56 AM)

I think backward compatibility with older games is important, and Sony sounds more convincing on that.
But will I have to pay more than $500 for PS3? Will the Blu-Ray-enabled (and content protection focused)  PS3 offer tricks like the Xbox 360, i.e communicate with PSP and iPod through USB2.0?

flammable pyro -> RE: XBOX 360 Vs. PS3: An In Depth Look ! (11/28/2005 10:03:28 AM)

well i know one thing if u buy the xbox360 premium u can play older xbox games but ill have to look deeper into ps3

Tony Veglis -> RE: XBOX 360 Vs. PS3: An In Depth Look ! (11/28/2005 10:43:43 AM)

Yes, but not all the games!

flammable pyro -> RE: XBOX 360 Vs. PS3: An In Depth Look ! (11/28/2005 6:07:36 PM)

nope not all the games but some of the more popular ones and thats all that counts

major9686 -> RE: XBOX 360 Vs. PS3: An In Depth Look ! (11/29/2005 2:04:07 AM)


ORIGINAL: flammable pyro

nope not all the games but some of the more popular ones and thats all that counts

yeah .. the PS3 has DBZ games ... square games ... like kingdom hearts .. plus .. no1 hates sony .. but everybody do hate microsoft !!! and .. it has DBZ games ! ;)
I even prefer NintendoRev. over the 360 ..
nintendo has all of their exclusive lineup games :) like mario .. zelda .. pokemon ;) ha ha ..

flammable pyro -> RE: XBOX 360 Vs. PS3: An In Depth Look ! (11/29/2005 10:12:21 AM)

can anyone tell me y everyone hates microsoft?? i dont like sony because i htought the ps2 sucked lisen my litle siste yes she was 8 when she got one for christmas and with a lap top and a tv*shes spoiled* we played it and i dident like it more then xbox i know alot of ppl who hate sony but im sure not geting a revolution gamecube pised me off when they decided not to get more good games i can remember a few great games but besides that nintendo made me angry. i know microsoft made alot of its buyers angry while making 2 systems i know alot of ppl canceled pre orders to but  i just dont uderstand

ah bao -> RE: XBOX 360 Vs. PS3: An In Depth Look ! (12/13/2005 3:03:14 AM)

I don't understand with either... but there are always both sides saying who's better and what not... like you said flammable pyro it all comes down to choice... and preference... get which ever floats your boat... i mean if you like variety and rpgs go for ps3 but if you like action, fps and sports games get xbox 360... but in the end... like most gamers... you'll get both... i kno it...  but for me my preference would be getting the ps3 simpliy because i'm a huge fan for squarenix and rpg games in general...

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