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tqhoang -> Allow me to introduce myself... (7/14/2005 11:47:47 AM)

"Allow me to introduce name in Richie Cunningham and this is my wife Oprah."  [:D]

I'm an Asian/American dude.  Pretty much lived in New Jersey my whole life.  Have a degree in Computer Science.  Currently doing programming and analysis in the network communications area.  I could tell you what I really do for a living, but I'd have to kill you.  [;)]

As for hobbies:
- software & computers => Building them, fixing them, you name it.  I'm a fan of Fedora Linux & Windows XP.
- baseball => Absolutely love watching the Yankees (no Red Sox replies please).
- movies => Who doesn't enjoy watching good movies?  [sm=fantastisch_01.gif]

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