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dburg -> PX-708A and DVD+MRW (9/19/2003 12:21:21 AM)

I have noticed in:


In addition, we did not manage to format the DVD+RW disc through the latest version of InCD by Ahead. According to Plextor, the PX-708A is compliant with Mount Rainier and the problem is located to the software by Ahead. We all expecting better results from the upcoming version of InCD, since it is probably the most popular software used for packet writing and Mount Rainier related tasks.

Well, would it be possible to know which part of Plextor was contacted (USA, Europe, or Japan) or who was the contact? (I was on the phone with some people of Plextor Europe today about DVD+MRW and didn't knew that there was an ?official? statement that InCD is guilty ;) )

ant -> RE: PX-708A and DVD+MRW (9/19/2003 10:41:27 AM)

The contact was from Plextor Europe.

dburg -> RE: PX-708A and DVD+MRW (9/24/2003 2:03:00 PM)

Well, bad news, I received today an official confirmation from Plextor Europe that PX-708A should not be regard as supporting DVD+MRW. :-(( I wish there will a be later firmware upgrade adding this feature.

ant -> RE: PX-708A and DVD+MRW (9/24/2003 5:54:43 PM)

Thank you for the information.
The drive had also failed in the Philips DVD+MRW Validation Suite tests, afterall.

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