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krazykevoseed -> what is wrong with my ps2? (9/14/2003 6:32:59 AM)

I have a modchip and sometimes my ps2 backups work and sometimes they don't
i have a sony dvd burner and i am using tdk dvd-r's
i don't know what kind of mod chip the guy i had it done wit put in but i'm guessin it wasn't that great
i am using record now max
should i change what type of dvd-r's i'm using or the software if so tell me what software to use i'm using or both?(since i can't change my chip)
thank you

Jimmys -> RE: what is wrong with my ps2? (9/14/2003 2:35:59 PM)

Tdk dvd-r ,sony and record now max is a good choice for back-up ps2 games
The reason that your back-ups wokring 'sometimes' is obviously your modchip
Are you hearing strange noices from the dvd drive when you tring to play a back-up game?

krazykevoseed -> RE: what is wrong with my ps2? (9/21/2003 4:40:08 AM)

yeah i hear strange noises from my ps2 when i try to boot it up with gameshark
but for the most part it works
do u noe wut kind of modchip i should use
i have a scph3001
any recommendations

pnonso -> RE: what is wrong with my ps2? (10/30/2003 8:05:18 AM)

I have not tryed this chip but it seems to be the best. Here is some info on it. "DMS3 V2.0 ModChip

Product Description:

The DMS3 (Devolution Memory System) is the most advanced upgrade solution to your PS2 recordable media playback requirements needs. The DMS3 has been designed to exacting standards. Rest assured that you will enjoy bullet-proof reliability and stability from the DMS3 design. The DMS3 sets the standard for design by operating within the safe power requirement limitations, avoiding placing stress on the internal architecture of the PS2!

A rigorous testing procedure and expert development team has led to the completion of this very fine design. Customers will enjoy a future proof design since the DMS 3 Mod Chip is flash upgradable.

Two other world firsts in Direct boot ModChip design have also been achieved: The playback of any region DVD movie on the PAL PS2's and the unlock of USA/ASIAN consoles to playback other territory NTSC movies!

The DMS3 Mod Chip also removes green screen. Itīs well placed to cater for everyone's needs. It is fully compatible with every PS2 model available in the market including the JAP 10000 and 15000 models. There is no need to configure the DMS3 Mod Chip to your version of console. An inbuilt detection function is included to ensure hassle free installation.

Product Features:

Direct boot of PS2 Imports/Backups (all media, including DVD-9 and multi-disc titles).
Direct boot of PSX Imports/Backups (anti-mod and multi-disc titles supported).
DVD Region Free.
PSX import screen position fix.
Boot any PS2 executable directly from memory card. (DivX, Mp3, Logo etc.)
Loader code contained in flash and upgradeable via software by the PS2 to support future feature enhancements. 2 copies of loader code stored in flash. Copy 1 is not upgradeable. On bootup, the hardware will determine whether copy 2 is valid and if not, fallback to copy 1 (protects against reflashing failures).
All console versions supported." (http://www.modchip.com/ps2/dms3order.htm)

Hope this helps. Best of luck.[:)]

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