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lareggod -> INCD Problems (9/10/2003 8:28:43 PM)

I have a Philips PCRW804K CD Burner (yes I know old as dirt.)

Anyway on one of my computers it will format CDs only on INCD version up to and including 40121, but will not properly read the formatted Cd's.

I upgrade to versions 40503 or 4056 and it will write to the CD's extremely well that have been formatted with the prior versions, but will not allow me to format new CD's or even reformat the current CD's.

On a side note in 40121 I can occasionally write to the cd's, but it is extremely picky in that sometimes it will and sometimes it wont.

Any ideas?

dburg -> RE: INCD Problems (9/10/2003 9:51:58 PM)

I will search next week if we have this model in stock in our labs. I know we made changes to the format code to better fit new devices and that in it broke the support of some older devices, but I expected to have workaround these troubles with the change done to format code in Obviously there is still work to do.

lareggod -> RE: INCD Problems (9/10/2003 11:31:10 PM)

Thank you.

On a side note since i know you rarely hear the improvements, but as of 40503 my Sony and HP DVD Writers function much much better.

I can tell, because I use both of them with powerquest datakeeper as my incremental backup utility so it is constantly writing to the drive. Sometimes the HP one hits a hiccup, but it is working better than it did with INCD 3.

dburg -> RE: INCD Problems (10/3/2003 2:07:43 AM)

Ok, I think I found and fixed the problem for the Philips PCRW804K CD burner (and also lot of old CD-only burners). This will be in next InCD web update, although the update has been postpone now as we have some trouble to make it stable.

Laffin Assassin -> RE: INCD Problems (10/3/2003 2:29:23 AM)

Thanks once again for the Info David !!! [:)][;)]

MP3Mogul -> RE: INCD Problems (10/4/2003 12:13:53 AM)

Yes David.. that is great news...... also, it is good to see that the InCD updates, do not wait until the monthly updates for the rest of the Nero Software package........

lareggod -> RE: INCD Problems (10/4/2003 9:44:46 PM)

The god has spoken and I bow to you.

All hail the man.....All hail the man.

Laffin Assassin -> RE: INCD Problems (10/4/2003 10:18:31 PM)

You have no need to bow to David just keep purchasing Ahead Programs !!! [:D][;)]

lareggod -> RE: INCD Problems (10/6/2003 4:22:43 AM)

There may be no need just a sign of respect to

Don dburg.

One knee kiss non-gender specific descriptor ring the whole 9 yards you know.

lareggod -> RE: INCD Problems (10/29/2003 11:08:03 AM)

I downloaded INCD and did some testing. It works well, but ironically only will format when I have hide cd-r media checked in clone cd. I have had a trial of alcohol 120% installed and I do have daemon-tools installed, but I was under the impression that the hide cd-r media option prevented incd from working properly. I guess I will find out sometime next week when I blow away my system and try to get this working once and for all.

But with the hide cd-r media option everything works as it should with out problem.

Also thanks for allowing the tray icon status to persist.

MP3Mogul -> RE: INCD Problems (10/29/2003 1:38:06 PM)

This was a clonecd problem, this problem has now been fixed since Slysoft's new CloneCD release yesterday!

lareggod -> RE: INCD Problems (10/29/2003 4:44:53 PM)

Ironically I did test with the 4.3.x.x version. My system reacts differently in that with this version formatting will start, but fails quickly. If I revert to 4.2.x.x and enable hide cd-r media all is fine again. I happened to be doing some update testing. I only tried the trial version of the new clone cd as I probably need to buy a new key according to the site.

But what had me going was that my formats even failed when clonecd was uninstalled.

MP3Mogul -> RE: INCD Problems (10/30/2003 1:42:19 AM)

Well, the trial is fully functional for 21 days, so if there is a bug, please email Sylsoft on their website and let them know. They seem to be "very" dedicated to this software, and we all look forward to it as well.

dburg -> RE: INCD Problems (10/30/2003 2:31:37 PM)

I am aware of InCD troubles with Alcohol 120%. Actually the problem has already been resolved but I did not managed to do it early enough to get it into, so this will be for next web update. In the meantime you can indeed disable the "hide cd-r" from Alcohol 120% to be able to use it together with InCD.

Laffin Assassin -> RE: INCD Problems (10/30/2003 6:27:51 PM)

Thanks for the Info David !!! [:)][;)]

lareggod -> RE: INCD Problems (10/31/2003 12:11:42 AM)

Ok I got it worked out now.

With CloneCD I had to go way back and use the install watch pro image I had made earlier and delete the rest of the stuff added manually. Then I had to reboot twice and upgraded again to the 4.3 version of clonecd. It works fine now, but only after I upgraded my Alcohol 120% (i rarely upgrade and my alcohol was pretty outdated).

Ironically though I did some more testing with clonecd and alcohol 120 before I blew those pieces away and I verified some stuff. On my system Alcohol 120's hide cd-r media had no bearing on if incd would work. Only Hide CDR media in clone cd did. Incd would only work if this option was enabled, which I still don't understand yes that is correct hide cd-r media had to be enabled. Of course this is specific to my jacked up system.

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