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homomorphism -> Regular C2 spikes (6/25/2005 12:46:07 PM)

Hi, I have just purchased Lite-on 1693 (and a CDRInfo registration [;)]) and started some testing. Not a bad drive I think, though definitely not the best[:)]. But I was taken aback by this issue: burning on Verbatim 52x CDs gives these results in Kprobe:


Those C2 spikes appear on every CD i burn, +/- the same possition and value. I haven't tried another brand yet, because I don't have any at my disposal at the moment. I tried burning at 16x, 24x, 36x and 40x - always approximately the same result. What could cause these spikes? Burner? CDs? Sorry if this is some triviality, I am a beginner in this area and this is confusing me quite a lot. And another interesting picture. The same cd in CD Speed:


No C2 errors at all. Any help or advice is welcome

Iggy -> RE: Regular C2 spikes (6/25/2005 7:07:25 PM)

Ignore the spikes. Its a bug of the drive's chipset. This happens all the time. Nothing to worry about.[:)]

You can remove them if you like by right click on the graph and select something like "remove highet spikes/values".

homomorphism -> RE: Regular C2 spikes (6/26/2005 2:51:40 AM)

good news, thanks [:)]

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