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virginburner -> cd burning for dummies... (6/24/2005 8:38:30 AM)

Let me just say "I'm so sorry" to all of you out there that think my questions may be a bit infantile and simple, but this is new to me and I am sooo frustrated!  It should be easier than this!!!
Why does my computer not let me burn data to a disk (cd-rw) when I try? I formated the disk before I tried.  Then I get a message that my d: drive is busy when I'm not doing anything!  And it won't let me try to burn...I am so frustrated!  Please help!

greeco -> RE: cd burning for dummies... (6/24/2005 12:03:07 PM)

[:)]hello!!please make sure that your device works properly-something very easy to find,just by checking the device manager in windows.Find your drive there and make sure everything is o.k!does your drive(cd rom)have a reading problem too?here in our forum,you will find an adress for flashing the firmware of your drive.keep in mind that several compatibility problems can be solved just by updating your firmware!!If your cd rom can't read at all-then it is a broken drive or the connections or settings of the drive(jumpers)are wrong.have you recently made any changes to your system?if yes-check again the connectivity.if connectivity is o.k and your drive is new then try using another software!!not all software are 100% compatible with all cd rom drives.usually,using the software provided WITH your cd rom is the best solution,as it has been thouroghly tested and works just fine!

Iggy -> RE: cd burning for dummies... (6/24/2005 12:38:38 PM)

Do you have any packet writing software installed, such as InCD?

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