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kuchu -> RIO RIOT, Software and Hardware availabilities (6/21/2005 4:25:24 PM)

I've had Rio Riot for more than 1 year maybe almost two. I was new to the term technology and so I didn't think much when I decided to buy this beautiful 20GB and considering the limitation of mp3 players at that time.

Later I found out that I cannot transfer back my songs from my player to the computer. I have sent an email to the technical support for rio and they told me to update my firmware, which I did, and restart my rio and use Rio Taxi. The result? Nada. Still unable to transfer back.

I tried to search on the internet but they all also complain the same thing about the incapability on transfering the music back to their computer. Rio Riot is a great product along with great software aside from the problem above and the size of the player.

I wish someone could help me with this and maybe have the solution. My battery is already failing to recharge and devil knows when my hard drive is gonna fail so I want to transfer all my music back to my computer and having them as a backup.

emperor -> RE: RIO RIOT, Software and Hardware availabilities (7/7/2005 4:53:18 PM)

i don't have that device, i can only think of searching aroun the net to see if anyone has come up with a work around for this

Mr_Pink -> RE: RIO RIOT, Software and Hardware availabilities (11/1/2005 9:16:14 PM)

I also am attempting to transfer files from my Rio Riot to my PC.  I have not had any luck finding a way to perform this transfer and hate to lose all of the files.  Did you find any software that will help?

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