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ikbendre -> Read packetCD discs on XP (9/5/2003 12:45:50 PM)

Some years ago I've burned some CD-R discs with WinOnCD 3.6 on Windows 98. This product of Cequadrat uses PacketCD. Now I have a new computer running Windows XP. I can't read the old discs on XP. My 'official' packetCD version does not run on XP. I have tried another version of packedCD (from Cequadrat) which is designed for Windows NT, but this crashes my computer (blue screen) at startup.

Does anybody know a way to read the packetCD discs on XP (or on W2k)?

sp -> RE: Read packetCD discs on XP (9/11/2003 9:15:05 PM)

I would be interested to learn too...

MP3Mogul -> RE: Read packetCD discs on XP (9/12/2003 3:25:04 AM)

I would suggest trying Nero's EasyWriteReader! You can get it here:

Hopefully this will work for you!

petek -> RE: Read packetCD discs on XP (9/17/2003 4:01:29 PM)

don't know if you already saw this

i found this at Roxio

hope it helps

Matthew -> RE: Read packetCD discs on XP (9/17/2003 8:47:22 PM)

Try Roxio's UDF Reader
This seems to offer a download of the current version wihout forcing you to register (at ROXIO)

I used to like ECDC 4, but frankly, their current additude STINKS!

dburg -> RE: Read packetCD discs on XP (9/17/2003 9:14:00 PM)

Unfortunately our EasyWrite Reader for NT-systems (windows 2k, XP, server 2003) does not contain an UDF reader as these OS have already a native UDF reader. Thus, the installation of EasyWrite Reader will probably not help in this precise problem. It looks like that the UDF layout created by PacketCD is not compatible with Windows XP's native UDF reader (...which so far follow quite good the UDF specification).

MP3Mogul -> RE: Read packetCD discs on XP (9/17/2003 10:20:49 PM)

David, thank you for that information!

dburg -> RE: Read packetCD discs on XP (9/19/2003 12:22:51 AM)

Thinking again about this issue, the UDF Verifier from Philips should confirm if the disc contains a valid UDF layout or not. I think it can be downloaded for free, I'm not 100% sure.

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