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Secret Asian Man -> Backing up PS2 Games (9/4/2003 8:35:45 PM)

How long does backing up a PS2 (DVD) game take. Also, does burning a dvd game require alot of Ram and processing power

coasterking -> RE: Backing up PS2 Games (9/6/2003 12:40:57 AM)

hi mate i dont think u need shed loads of power but at least 1.3gig processor and around 256 upwards of ram should do it
i know my brother in law does his backups pretty quick on his old 1.8 but then he does have a gogs worth of ddr ram but he coped with an old 1.2 duron and 190 sdram pc 100 so it depends on what u have really

Secret Asian Man -> RE: Backing up PS2 Games (9/7/2003 8:31:06 AM)

but How long does it take to backup a full game,

also how long does it take to burn a 4.7GB dvd on a 4x dvd burner

Laffin Assassin -> RE: Backing up PS2 Games (9/7/2003 1:19:53 PM)

It Takes around 15 minutes to Write a 4x DVD with the correct Writer and Media !!! [:)]

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