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wai0901 -> ND-3100A Burn Double Layer DVD (6/18/2005 5:29:57 PM)

Dear All,
I'm currently using ND-3100A, the question is , is that available to burn Doulbe layer Dvd?? before I bought it from Dell, I saw description that its support DL DVD, so I boutht it, but I just try to burn a DL DVD, and the DVD-rom just keep telling me to insert disc,  but read regular DVD-r is working fine.

I try search the Firmware, and the most updated is 107e. ( doesn't not support DL )
so, can anyone tell me if I can use the ND-3500's firmware (2.19- which support DL) to install in my ND-3100A??

Thankz everyone

tqhoang -> RE: ND-3100A Burn Double Layer DVD (7/2/2005 8:45:15 AM)

Have you updated your NEC-3100 to a NEC-3500 yet?  It was unclear because you said that you are able to burn DVD-R when the NEC-3100 is limited to DVD+R(W).

What you should do is follow the directions to upgrade to a NEC-3500 firmware.  http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=132450
You must follow the directions exactly.  If you use the original method, then you must use that exact intermediate firmware and toggle the special byte in the drives memory. 

After that you can load any NEC-3500 firmware using Liggy's BinFlash.  http://binflash.cdfreaks.com
I recommend grabbing a firmware off of ScorpioSoft's web archive.  http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/3500.html

Specifically this one (http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/3500/3500_2.FD_NS+RPC+RL.rar) if you don't want to mess with custom media speed edits.  You have your choice of flashing the stock 2.FD (allows bitsetting) or the other which is the same but is RPC1 and has RipLock removed.

emperor -> RE: ND-3100A Burn Double Layer DVD (7/7/2005 4:12:47 PM)

tqhoang thanks for your information

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