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muppy -> varirec testing (9/4/2003 2:36:48 PM)

I made some test to check quality of varirec II technology. I've made various audio cd and then analysed them with jitter function in plex tools. Yere
You can see all my graphs.
In my opinion varirec worsk very bad.. please post your comments

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: varirec testing (9/4/2003 4:34:14 PM)

There are two things to remember here. First of all, from what I remember of the comparison testing done, I don't believe the Plextor Premium's jitter testing is very accurate. Secondly, the VariRecord function is not really meant to reduce jitter (as I understand it) but to increase comparability with finicky CD Players. Some CD Players will work better with discs burned with different VariRecord settings, then if the disc was burned without VariRecord turned on. I think this is mostly true with the older CD Players though.

rabbit -> RE: varirec testing (9/4/2003 10:13:33 PM)

A question about VariRec ..
Listed in VariRec are the options:
PhthaloCyanine A
PhthaloCyanine B
PhthaloCyanine C
PhthaloCyanine D

What are these? I know there are PhthaloCyanine Type 5-9 but are there any correspondence between them?

Are the A-D the grade quality?

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: varirec testing (9/5/2003 2:32:56 AM)

I don't know, I've heard that question asked before on other forums, but so far no answer... perhaps we should break down and just e-mail plextor themselves LOL!

Maybe I'll do that when I get home from work [;)]

rjw -> RE: varirec testing (9/5/2003 10:25:12 AM)

There not A-D grade quality. For one time only the measureing grades from clover analyzerrs say someting about disc quality. After a disc is burned !. So these have nothing to do with the mentioned grades in any programm or by any store or factory !!

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