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dc_519 -> The Right Process? (6/16/2005 7:39:39 PM)

Ok, so my sister bought a copy of Hitch yesterday and I decided to back-up my first DVD ever.  So I believe that Hitch is DVD9, and I will be using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink.  I got some Verbatim DVD+R 8X blanks and ready to go.  Is this the right process when doing this? 

Use DVD Decrypter to rip it on to the hard drive.
Use DVD Shrink to edit so it fits and then burn it?


MP3Mogul -> RE: The Right Process? (6/16/2005 8:58:28 PM)

Yes, you have the process correct.

I'm not sure if DVDD (latest and last release) supports what is on Hitch:

Reported by AnyDVD:

Sony Arcoos
PupetMan Protection
Bad Sector Protection

I did make a backup using AnyDVD (Latest release) and DVD Shrink, but I think that Hitch has a NEW Arcoos protection.  You can always rip it to your hard-drive and see if it plays first!

dc_519 -> RE: The Right Process? (6/17/2005 12:01:18 AM)

Ya, I cant even rip it on to my computer.  On dvd decrypter it gets to about 50% and then fails.  with dvd shrink rips to 13% and fails, same with nero.  AnyDVD and CloneDVD went the furthest at like 80% then fails.  I guess so far you cant back it up.

Iggy -> RE: The Right Process? (6/17/2005 1:14:08 AM)

How about Alcohol 120%?

dc_519 -> RE: The Right Process? (6/17/2005 3:47:21 PM)

Ok, i got it work with CloneDVD, but not with CloneDVD2.  But now it wont play in any of my DVD players only on my computer.  I backed it up on DVD-R and DVD+R and still wont play.  Maybe its just my DVD players.  I backed up the Movie only.

MP3Mogul -> RE: The Right Process? (6/17/2005 7:08:59 PM)

[:D]You CAN make a backup, I did, without any problem, using AnyDVD, and the last release of DVD Shrink, 3.2.  It is new protection, and you WILL need AnyDVD

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