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Charls -> 650MB < xMB < 700MB (8/22/2003 3:06:22 PM)


i have an acer tm800 with a qsi cdrw/dvd sbw-242 drive.
there is this problem: if i will burn a 700MB-cd with more than 650MB but not more than 700MB, the drive refuses to burn the remaining 8% i.e. it stops at 92% (more or less).

i called the support center, they told me to upgrade the bios (there is no firmware upgrade available). but it didn't change a thing.

so i've tried another burning software but nothing changed.

but if i burn less than 650MB, everything works out ok. i've tried to burn different types of cds as well...

i hope, you can help me

Laffin Assassin -> RE: 650MB < xMB < 700MB (8/22/2003 4:47:46 PM)

Are you sure they are 700 min CD's [?]

Charls -> RE: 650MB < xMB < 700MB (8/22/2003 5:01:22 PM)

i am sure they are 700MB (mega byte) cds, not 700 min (minutes).

is there something special with 700MB cds?

Laffin Assassin -> RE: 650MB < xMB < 700MB (8/22/2003 5:04:38 PM)

Whoops !!
I should have said " Are you sure they are 700 MB CD's " [:D][;)]

Laffin Assassin -> RE: 650MB < xMB < 700MB (8/22/2003 5:08:01 PM)

Well I have seen some 650mb Cd's sold as 700mb CD's and they will not hold 700mb so what are the CD's you are using are they unbranded or branded !!! [:)]

Charls -> RE: 650MB < xMB < 700MB (8/22/2003 5:16:03 PM)

i'm not quite sure, what branded means (i'm no native english speaker...).
but i guess it means "qualitiy cds from a well known company".

the answer is: some are!
for example: fujifilm 700MB unformatted!

but i don't know if they realy are as big as they claim to be! how can i find it out?

if they wouldn't hold 700MB, shouldn't the burn program set an alert _before_ i launch the burning process? i use nero 6!

rjw -> RE: 650MB < xMB < 700MB (8/22/2003 5:40:48 PM)

branded means that there actually is some brand/companny name on it.

hmm have tried flashing the firmware of the drive if there is any newer version that is ?

rabbit -> RE: 650MB < xMB < 700MB (8/23/2003 12:40:14 AM)

Have you tried burning a 650MB CD to 650MB?
Try reading a 700MB that is full?

I wonder if it is a mechanical problem.

Charls -> RE: 650MB < xMB < 700MB (8/23/2003 1:36:42 AM)

that's a good point!

i will try it and post the results tomorrow!

by the way, thanks for all the supportive contributions so far!

Laffin Assassin -> RE: 650MB < xMB < 700MB (8/23/2003 4:53:38 AM)

No problem Mate that is what Our Forum is here for !!! [:)]

Charls -> RE: 650MB < xMB < 700MB (8/25/2003 1:23:07 AM)

i've checked a few things:
* i changed the settings for overburning in nero
--> suddenly, i could write all the data (about 690MB) :-)
--> i've deleted the files (cd-rw) and tried it again (with the same settings), but it didn't work anymore :-(
--> so i guess, i was just lucky for one shot

* i wrote the same files with another writer (i succeeded...) and tried to read this cd with the cd drive (the peculiar one).
--> i can read this cd without any problems
--> so i don't know, if there is any mechanical problem...

i've observed something else:
for the first 92% the sound of the drive is very smoothly and silently. but suddenly it sounds if the drive looses its track and tries do do the same thing again and again... until it stops burning!

do you have any ideas?

Tron -> RE: 650MB < xMB < 700MB (8/25/2003 11:10:04 AM)

I hope I am wrong, but that sure sounds like the drive has a hardware problem.....

Charls -> RE: 650MB < xMB < 700MB (8/25/2003 12:17:19 PM)

why do you think so?

MP3Mogul -> RE: 650MB < xMB < 700MB (8/25/2003 12:19:09 PM)

I must agree, also, looks like it is time for a new drive.

Tron -> RE: 650MB < xMB < 700MB (8/25/2003 1:48:59 PM)

What you discribe is almost a sure sign that the drive has something wrong with it. With the low cost of drives now they are not worth fixing either.

Laffin Assassin -> RE: 650MB < xMB < 700MB (8/25/2003 1:55:59 PM)

Charls what version of the ASPI are you using [?]

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