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SiliconFreak -> Can You Trust Your Spyware Protection ? (5/31/2005 6:02:38 AM)

Why Your spyware scanner may not catch some adware programs. 
The next time you run a scan with your anti-spyware tool, it might miss some programs. Several anti-spyware firms, including Aluria, Lavasoft, and PestPatrol, have quietly stopped detecting adware from companies like Claria and WhenU--a process called delisting. Those adware companies have been petitioning anti-spyware firms to delist their software; other companies have resorted to sending cease-and-desist letters that threaten legal action.

In most cases it's difficult for customers to determine whether their anti-spyware tool has delisted anything and, if so, which adware it skips.

"When a spyware program gets delisted, users won't be aware of its presence," says Harvard law student and spyware researcher Ben Edelman. The practice, he says, "offers spyware makers a new lease on life, letting them keep users who otherwise would have removed their software."


Source : PC World

MP3Mogul -> RE: Can You Trust Your Spyware Protection ? (5/31/2005 6:11:03 AM)

Now that is truely Scary.  Also, this would leave the anti-spyware companies at risk for being sued!

SiliconFreak -> RE: Can You Trust Your Spyware Protection ? (5/31/2005 6:32:28 AM)

Mhmmmmmmmmm, SCARY INDEED....[&:][:@]

But since Gates constantly says M$ will fight against spammers,spyware,adware...etc....maybe it will soon be time to go with the M$ flow again....and dump those Aluria&Lavasoft alikes...[8D][:D]....anddd...M$ will again rule...even in this section...hahahhaahaha...cant believe it...when you think everything will be ok...BOOMMMMMMM...and you are again at the begining and not knowing what to do...[:@]

Matthew -> RE: Can You Trust Your Spyware Protection ? (5/31/2005 6:09:29 PM)

"Nice" ad/spyware?

The only time anything should qualify for exemption from an antispyware program, is if its prescence can be identified, and removal achieved by a user of average competence ... eg. using add/remove programs, and it does not cause undue disruption to the system by being present, or by being removed.

The "Code of backchannel conduxct" still represents a noble aim for any sponsorware, even though Optout itself is obsolete.

SiliconFreak -> RE: Can You Trust Your Spyware Protection ? (6/1/2005 3:46:59 AM)

Exactly as you said Matthew....everything should be totally clear from top to toe...[;)]...even for some 8yo to understand (if they learned to read yet[:)])....but...I am afraid that until we dont finally get some global law about all that...nothing will change....we will continue to spin in neverending magic circles of AD/SPYxxxx...[&:][:@]

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