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ZzBloopzZ -> Which DVD-RW Drive? (5/30/2005 3:46:21 PM)

I have read many drive reviews and looked around the forums, but I still cannot decide on what to purchase. I will be mostly burning DVD movies and backed up Xbox games on to DVD-R. Mainly using TY DVD-R media. I might switch over to DL once the prices go down, but deff not now. I will also be burning CD-R's here and there. But I assume all current DVD burners can burn them fairly well.

In terms of features, I don't care about litescribe but would like booktype. I perfer quality burns over speed, so I normally will be burning at 8-12X. I would not like to pay more then $80 USD.

I'm debating over the Pioneer 109 ($48), BenQ 1620 ($48) and Nec 3520A ($50). I would like to purchase it tonight due to these labour day sales. :c)

I was originally going to go with the BenQ but I hear it is not good with DVD-R media? Is this still true today even with the latest firmwares? I also heard there is a nice hacked firmware where it rips SL @ 16X. That would be a great feature.

Thanks CDRInfo!

Iggy -> RE: Which DVD-RW Drive? (5/30/2005 3:51:02 PM)

I thing the BenQ is great. I own the NEC but the BenQ is better as a reader than my NEC. Since I have a seperate DVD-ROM the NEC was a good choise for me.[:)]

No matter which one you'll get you'll be 100% satisfied. All are great.

ZzBloopzZ -> RE: Which DVD-RW Drive? (5/30/2005 4:37:42 PM)

Well I have a seperate DVD-ROM as well. Which would be better at burning DVD-R media? 

zebra -> RE: Which DVD-RW Drive? (5/30/2005 4:44:55 PM)

....NEC. Better for -R DVD media at higher speeds.

Why? Think of three things the BenQ considers:

i. BenQ == NexperiaII based
ii. NexperiaII == Phillips
iii. Phillips == +R Alliance

In the long run, the BenQ is ok for -R as well, but it cannot match the refined technology of the NEC, with this format.

ZzBloopzZ -> RE: Which DVD-RW Drive? (5/30/2005 7:30:40 PM)

Guess I'll go with the Nec then.


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