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SithTracy -> Howdy from the land of Cheese and Bratwurst! (5/29/2005 4:25:22 PM)

I'm from Illinois, moved to Wisconsin in 1991 and I tell everyone I did it to get away from professional football (U.S. Football; not Soccer).  I'm often reminded that the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl in 1997, but my response will always be, "That goes to show you how much the talent in the league has diminished since the Chicago Bears won it all in 1985!".

I have been married since 1997 (married a Packers fan) and I have two wonderful daughters.  I work in Information Systems for a large firm located just north of Chicago.  Currently I work with E-commerce and automation and OpenPGP encryption and am considered a Project Manager, but spent some time traveling when I setup Wide Area Networks (WAN's) via leased lines and Frame Relay.

Let's see... I am a sports fan and enjoy watching NFL Football, MLB Baseball (Go White Sox), NHL Hockey (R.I.P.[:(]), and I enjoy Soccer (I coach my daughters team).  I've been involved with Computers since the late 70's.  I've owned all kinds Apple IIe, IBM Compatibles (Yep, I know what Microchannel is), Commodore's (VIC20/C-64/128/Amiga).  My first optical recorder was a Ricoh MP-6200S that I think I paid damn near $800 for in the mid/late 90's.  I'm not a big gamer, but I do tend to play a few.

Saw my first movie in the late spring of 1977.. you might have heard of it.  Something George Lucas put out.  I still say the Sith are misunderstood.  Love Sci-Fi and Drama's and Comedies.  Studied Martial Arts (Aikido) for a few years.  Big KISS fan, but a music fan in general!  Yeah, you could say I never grew up and my wife and kids love me for it.

I love to joke around -- don't take it personally if I give anyone a little dig every now and again.  Enjoy life and laugh a little!

MP3Mogul -> RE: Howdy from the land of Cheese and Bratwurst! (5/29/2005 4:51:16 PM)


    Excellent, I'm a huge KISS fan as well! 

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