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afton -> Which influences most: Drive, Software or Media? (8/19/2003 6:35:56 AM)

Hello all,

What do you guys think of which influences the quality of the
burned CD-R/CD-RW? -- the CD-RW drive (hardware), the writing software, or the CD media itself?


Jimmys -> RE: Which influences most: Drive, Software or Media? (8/19/2003 1:12:14 PM)

I believe that for the best writing result you must use the best compination of the things you mention according to your hardware configuration and basically your writer.

rjw -> RE: Which influences most: Drive, Software or Media? (8/19/2003 1:52:37 PM)

Influence that I experienced so far.

1- Environment (humidtity,temperature)
2- system (Quite obvious that you need a system that candle the data transfer rate.)
3- The cd-rw drive - the construction (in some cases there are even big differences between models known)
4- The media(Some media can be incompatible with some players. So a bad burn can still happen with a wrong combination of burner and cd-r)
5- Firmware (Firmware might increase or even decrease writingquality.
6- Writing Software

Now what can we forget under normal conditions.

2 Since people will have a good enough system fo transfer the files this influence won't be there.
6 The difference of the software is also very small under normal conditions.

Which factors can we hardly controle and for this reason forget to.
1 The only thing you can do is not to burn much disc's after each other so the drive is heated up. Against humidty you can't do a thing.

So what key factors are still there.
Writer - This one can influence the burn proces big times. I have seen many cd-r's burning without any problem on my Plextor 241040TA while my Lite On 48246S will burn them below my quality standards.
Media - Even if bad media is good supported it can be allready problematic dureing the burning or it will become promblematic but that's not writing quality any more.
Firmware- Firmware can increase/decrease the drives compatablity with the media.

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