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HighlandeR III -> Overburning causing Disc to go bad? (8/19/2003 12:58:13 AM)

Hi ive had this problem now for 6-7 years, its simple really I burn a disc and then if I try and copy that file back from the cd to harddrive and I get this error

: Data error cyclic redundancy check/CRC error

Now ive got this on pretty much every brand of disc ive owned, Verbatin/TX/Imation u name it... and with multiple PCs/different Branded Burners.

And my m8s get this error also alot, only prob is its every say 3-4 disc I tend to burn out of 10 I see that error.

Only constant thing ive noticed is myself/m8s we always overburn our 80min disc due to 701/702meg files, could this be the direct cause of it?

Or u guys think its something else?

(cheers in advance[:)])

MP3Mogul -> RE: Overburning causing Disc to go bad? (8/19/2003 1:22:53 AM)

Yes I would say this is the problem for sure. Why would you want just an extra meg or 2 on an 80 minute disc? It's really not worth the unstability that you get. Try keeping the discs within size, and not overburning, and see if you still get this problem.

Matthew -> RE: Overburning causing Disc to go bad? (8/19/2003 11:46:35 PM)

Is the error in that tail end?

If your drive is compatible, try CDR Doctor or Kprobe (search the forum!) for an error profile.

Otherwise, try a surface test in Nero Cdspeed - from www.cdspeed2000.com if you don't have Nero.

If the last little bit is bad, then your media is not taking well to overburning.

With high speed drives, it may also help to reduce the speed a notch or 2 if overburning.

HighlandeR III -> RE: Overburning causing Disc to go bad? (8/21/2003 12:41:22 AM)

Cheers for replies I have since learned burning at 16x definatly helps reduce the errors but also ive learned Samsung combo drives seem to be the highest risk at producing this error...

I think ill just stop overburning altogether and writing at 16x/2x for DVD write:)

I kinda had a feeling it was overburning cos all the files I burn are AVI/701 meg + I always get that CRC error right towards the end!

Gonna try a recovery tool to get to the files best as I can.... hopefully if I bump into a dud disc that gets that error ill be able to back it up.

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