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StillLearning -> VCR-DVD combo question (5/23/2005 4:05:34 AM)

Hi to all y'all,
I just bought a Philips 630DV - has a VCR and DVD, with the ability to directly copy from one medium to the other.  The main reason I bought it was to transfer all our VHS tapes - all legally purchased, I must add, and getting pretty old so I really want to save them - and, as you may guess, I found out that they are copy protected.  Searching this (and other) sites, the only solutions I can find are little black boxes and software, but this doesn't solve the problem with a combo VCR-DVD, where there's "nothing in between" (as far as this primitive user is concerned).  Any ideas?

Matthew -> RE: VCR-DVD combo question (5/23/2005 3:25:45 PM)

If it can use both halves independently, then you may be able to loop it round outside, using a suitable eliminator

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