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ShauntA -> Longest Lasting DVD Media (5/20/2005 12:11:55 AM)

I'm completely new to DVD burning, and I'm planning to get the Pioneer DVR-109 Burner (if theres a better drive in its price range, let me know). My main use will be to burn my home movies. I was wondering what the longest lasting DVD media is for this type of burning. I don't want to find out 10 years in the future that my DVD's are destroyed, because my video is extremely important to me. Also, for any recommended media, what would you estimate the lifespan to be? Thanks.

Iggy -> RE: Longest Lasting DVD Media (5/20/2005 2:49:43 AM)

You mean "ageing", this is very difficult to be measured.

Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim are great media so they last for more, maybe[:)]

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (5/20/2005 3:11:33 AM)

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franz99 -> RE: Longest Lasting DVD Media (6/23/2005 10:14:47 AM)


a advanced project like this and we are waiting for the first results.

Could you please tell us if we are going to wait during weeks or months ?

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G_IvanAwfulitch -> RE: Longest Lasting DVD Media (6/23/2005 9:14:20 PM)

They will last long enough for you to put them on blue-Ray discs.

happiniess -> RE: Longest Lasting DVD Media (6/23/2005 11:35:02 PM)

Verbatim Media

Clint -> RE: Longest Lasting DVD Media (6/25/2005 12:43:20 PM)

Most quality manufacters say 100 years or so for both CD/DVD media. They claim this by using accelerated UV tests performed in unique environments where these manufacturers claim they can simulate lifespan of a particular disc.

franz99 -> RE: Longest Lasting DVD Media (6/28/2005 5:03:27 AM)


Isn't it strange that nobody till now tried something similar?

The first so called "limited climatic tests" that I know from
made on burned DVD's have been published by the german c't' magazine
and summarized in a post by "MediumRare" dated from june the 27th 2005 is in this thread::

I think that the first scientific proof that the new "16x certified" dyes are:
less tolerant to variation of the laser power and
- less stable for conservation
than the older 8x an 4x certified dyes

is given in these quite extensive testsif you follow the + marks for:
"PowM" (power margin) and
"Stab" (climatic stability)

 in the above mentioned  post by "MediumRare"

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (6/28/2005 5:26:45 AM)

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franz99 -> RE: Longest Lasting DVD Media (9/18/2005 12:32:09 PM)

I suggest that people working on this subject of longevity of burned medias
also read the contributions that people have put on-line in these 2 threads:
A person living in Singapore constantly at 32°C and 87% RH (relative humidity) puts DVD in a dry box to make comparisons:
" End-user Testing/Monitoring on Longevity of DVD Media "

Some other people even do some "chinese steam cooking" or even slight "cooking in a oven" to test their durability:
" Experimental Data on DVD Longevity "

franz99 -> RE: Longest Lasting DVD Media (9/25/2005 4:44:15 AM)

Hello again ...
I hope you people all know about these long lasting and official accelerated ageing tests
conducted by the GIPWoG:

"Government Information Preservation Working Group"
for the NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology:
They already published at least one report describing the exact conditions of the stress tests
on december the 9th 2004 in the form of this PDF file:
So I extracted here the information about the test conditions to make this info realy visible to all:

The only thing I find annoying with this official and long lasting tests in that they have not put out any pratical information for users about for eample
 which label or MID code
 passed these tests better than others ...
Did anybody find anything practical like that it in all the information they put on-line ??

Their next meeting will be on October 5th, 2005 at the Library of Congress !!
That's more or less the only practical info I could find ...

Temperature and humidity:

A Blue M (model: FRM-256B)1 environmental chamber was used to control the temperature and relative humidity through various settings of temperature ( 18 °C to ? 93 °C) and relative humidity (5 % to 98 %). The specified control accuracy is ±0.5 °C for temperature and ±1 % for rela-tive humidity (RH) respectively. The test stresses of aging used are given in Table 1.
A complete incubation cycle for temperature and RH accelerated testing is shown in Fig. 1. Once at the stress condition, the temperature and RH were held constant for a period of approximately 45 h followed by a gradual return to ambient conditions. Discs were analyzed after each incubation cycle. This cycle was repeated under the same stress condition until the error rate of most discs in the group increased to exceed an upper limit of the error rates (as indicated in the DVD and CD specifications) or until the disc became unread-able.



Light exposure:

A light chamber was designed and built at NIST to meet the requirements for controlled light exposure (Fig. 2). Two cylindrical light bulbs were placed vertically in the center of the chamber, with up to twelve discs placed at equal distance from the light source. Intensity was measured at each disc location to check uniformity. The discs were installed with the recordable side facing the light source.
Two 150 W metal halide (M-H) [7] bulbs were used for the light source, giving a 47.5 mW/cm2 light inten-sity at the disc surface. Light intensities were measured using a Scientech Victor S310 thermo-power meter with shield tube. The wavelength range of the metal halide lamps is similar to sunlight, centered at 500 nm, and partly extending to UV region.
Disc Analyzers: In order to monitor the change in the error rate during aging, discs were analyzed after each incubation cycle using disc analyzers. A CD-R analyz-er capable of reading BLER (in the case of CD) and a DVD-R analyzer capable of reading PI error was used.
DVD-R Analyzer: The DVD 1000P analyzer con-forms to DVD specifications and was capable of testing electrical, digital, and mechanical parameters in DVDs, including PI errors, PO errors and jitter.
CD-R Analyzer: The CD CATS SA3 Advanced allowed measurement of all relevant CD disc parame-ters including BLER, E32 errors and jitter. All measure-ments are performed according to optical disc industry standards.


Fig 2 - Chamber for controlled light exposure

franz99 -> RE: Longest Lasting DVD Media (9/25/2005 5:30:32 AM)

So the discussion does not start with concentrating on that a particular point,
I corrected what I think is probably a typographic error in this report on Page 2 of the PDF file.
There you can read:  " from -18°C to -93°C "

There is something surprising about these minus °C temperarures ... [minus 93°C nearly never occurs on earth]
But then in the stess test conditions they give:
" Test stress: 60 °C to 90 °C, 70 % to 90 % RH "
maybe they wanted to write:  ~18 °C to ~93 °C ??  [~ : around]

So maybe somebody has to e-mail the GIPWoG
so they correct the typography in their report ...

franz99 -> RE: Longest Lasting DVD Media (9/26/2005 6:06:23 AM)

- Because the official study for the NIST says nothing practical about the MID codes which passed the tests better than others
- Because on the opposite the test published by c’t MAG

does give the actual brands and MID codes
 [centered however on the german market …],
in order to make this information clearly visible to everyone
and thus try to stimulate the discussion ...

I extracted below from this long post by MediumRare:

the MID codes [a number of 17 all together] that became
a superior Stab. rating
for the " limited climatic stabilty" tests (100 hours 80°C, 85% humidity)

evaluated with Almedio AEC-1000.
MediumRare says in his post:
" These "climatic stabilty tests" were done by comparing before/after scans of the 2 best discs checked with the AEC-1000. The result is a trend, not a lifetime: a medium that survives this test well should be more stable than one that did not "

Rating scale:   from 0 to 100.
Ratings ++ and + are thus superior to the middle (50) of this scale ranging from de 0 à 100:

++ >= 75
+ >= 50
0 >= 25
- > 0
-- <= 0


Rating ++ for Stab.

 Stab. : " limited climatic stabilty" tests (100 hours 80°C, 85% humidity)
evaluated with Almedio AEC-1000. 

In the original post this table contains a lot more figures ans the Stab. rating is located in the last place at the right extremity

DVD-R 4x media

Name and brands       MID code
Optodisc (SK)             OPTODISCR004      

DVD+R 4x media
Name and brands         MID code 
Moser Baer India          MBIPG101 R03      
(no name)

Ritek (Octron)                RITEK R02              

DVD-R 8x media
Name and brands              MID code                

CMC (Emtec, Ricoh)         CMC MAG AE1     
Fuji                               FUJIFILM03                  

(Imation, Intenso, Philips, Fuji)

Mitsubishi Chemicals         MCC 02RG20         

(Memorex, Verbatim)

DVD+R 8x media
Name and brands            MID code         

CMC (Emtec, Memorex)         CMC MAG E01          
MAM-E (Primeon)            MAM M02                 

Moser Baer India               MBIPG101 R04            
(Intenso, Imation MMore)

Plasmon (Sky)                Plasmon1 C01          
Ricoh (Platinum, Ricoh)         RICOHJPN R02       

DVD-R 16x media
Name and brands     MID code      
                       -- none --

DVD+R 16x media
Name and brands       MID code    
                       -- none --

franz99 -> RE: Longest Lasting DVD Media (9/26/2005 7:08:30 AM)

Rating + for Stab. 
Stab. : " limited climatic stabilty" tests (100 hours 80°C, 85% humidity)
evaluated with Almedio AEC-1000. 


DVD-R 4x media
Name and brands          MID code 
                                  -- none --

DVD+R 4x media
Name and brands         MID code
                                  -- none --
DVD-R 8x media
Name and brands           MID code

MAM-E (Primeon)           MAM8XG01

Optodisc                      OPTODISCR008
(Samsung Pleomax, TIP)

TDK (TDK)                    TTH01
DVD+R 8x media
Name and brands              MID code

Taiyo Yuden (Plextor)        YUDEN00 T02 
DVD-R 16x media
Name and brands               MID code
Mitsubishi C. (Verbatim)        MCC 03RG20
DVD+R 16x media
Name and brands                 MID code
Mitsubishi C. (Verbatim)        MCC 004

iry -> RE: Longest Lasting DVD Media (9/29/2005 10:14:17 PM)

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