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Logan84 -> Introducing Myself (5/19/2005 2:50:35 PM)

G'Day All,Just a Little about myself. I am a 70 year "Young" from Brisbane Auystralia. Hope that you are all well . Looking forward to some interesting chats.

Iggy -> RE: Introducing Myself (5/20/2005 2:58:50 AM)

Welcome dude![:D]

Everything you need don't hesitate to ask![;)]

Logan84 -> RE: Introducing Myself (5/20/2005 3:54:42 AM)

Thanks Mate, I do have a Problem Have lost a Codec Named "msacm.g723" Managed to locate it on the internet but am completly confused as to how to access it & how to install it. Any Help & suggestions most welcome.ty. Take care all cya.

Iggy -> RE: Introducing Myself (5/20/2005 4:20:50 AM)

How about this one:

Logan84 -> RE: Introducing Myself (5/20/2005 10:15:00 AM)

Thanks Mate,That is one of the reasons that I am totally confused.. haha Must admit being 70 I get confused with puters quite a bit.I d'Loaded the Pack,That is mentioned there,When I oppened it there is a Number of various codecs there but it is not mentioned.Although there is a txt.doc. in there that does say that it is in there.Also in that original site that you sent(Many thanks by the way)for you taking the trouble.When I typed in "msacm.g723" Nothing could be found. Yet it is in the pack.Now I am Thinking Do I take a Punt & install all those codecs hoping that one of them will fix my problem? Do i do a Total re Load? or do I just have a "LARGE SCOTCH"? haha. Once more ty for your trouble.

Logan84 -> RE: Introducing Myself (5/20/2005 10:16:27 AM)

PS Love your avatar exactly how I feel.

Iggy -> RE: Introducing Myself (5/20/2005 11:16:16 AM)

strange, it seems that the driver should be there. In the page is visible in second place.[&:]

In my system I have a file called "msg723.acm",is this the same?

Logan84 -> RE: Introducing Myself (5/20/2005 11:40:52 AM)

That is on mine as well.But as I say in the actual pack it'self is is not mentioned except in the txt. doc.I am having a prob.When I convert Movied into DVD Some are Fine some the Sound Stops Part Through the Movie.Ran a Codec Checker & this is what it came up with that this codec is Broken.Have found lots to read about it but nothing i can Install to fix.

Iggy -> RE: Introducing Myself (5/20/2005 12:01:14 PM)

what movie files are you converting to DVDs? Which software do you have?

Logan84 -> RE: Introducing Myself (5/20/2005 12:23:08 PM)

All kind of movies All d'Loaded from the Net. I have been using DVD Santa to convert them into DVD.Then Burning either with Clone or img burning tool.. It has just been the last few weeks that I have had This prob.Upuntill then Everything was Great.This file must have got deleted somehow.(Most Puter probs. are caused between the chair & the Keyboard).Now I am not sure if I should take a Punt & just delete the Broken File,Try to do a restore,Or Maybe Format & do a complete re load.Will Keep having a Look For a Day or so See if I can get it to re install.See what happens.

Iggy -> RE: Introducing Myself (5/21/2005 6:09:27 AM)

Download movies from the net? I suppose you pay for them otherwise this is not legal.

What formats are they?

Maybe a different software might help you.

Logan84 -> RE: Introducing Myself (5/21/2005 8:37:13 AM)

Mate I am Australian & 70 Years Young Course I do Nothing illegal.I have tried different software,Little as I know about puters,it is That Codec For sure. Looks like it is Format Time again haha. Oh well Thems the Breaks.At least it will clean out all the garbage that gets collected.Many thanks for you interest in my prob.Hope that we can keepin touch you take care.PS Most of The Movies That I d'Load are in either avi or npeg format.

Iggy -> RE: Introducing Myself (5/23/2005 1:34:41 AM)

How about TMPGenc?

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