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dc_519 -> Whats Up All (5/19/2005 9:04:14 AM)

How's it going everyone?  As you can see this is my first post [:D].  I am in need of some advice on which DVD Burner and DVD Rom to purchase.  As there are so many good ones to choose right now.  So I decided to refer to the Guru's of Cdr-Info.  I'll ask my questions in the correct forum. 


Iggy -> RE: Whats Up All (5/19/2005 12:28:36 PM)


Are you new to the optical market?

BTW my opinion has been written to your post.[;)]

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (5/20/2005 3:12:23 AM)

[Deleted by Admins]

emperor -> RE: Whats Up All (5/25/2005 6:37:54 PM)

welcome to our forums, i hope you will find all answers you are looking for here

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