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vbc -> RE: Welcome to (6/24/2006 11:54:52 AM)

Hi, I'm Vic. I am building my 3rd computer, and really getting into the movie/picture/editing side of my computer. Currently I am trying to fix my old Compaq 1700 notebook and bought a NEC nd-6100A. Not sure of myself on the firmware install. Can anyone help? THANKS

Hoots -> RE: Welcome to (7/4/2006 9:06:33 PM)

Hi Y'all,
Glad to be here......Hoping for some help with Nero (fiddling about while my dvd's are suddenly not burning)
Will check the faq's  and post appropriately.
Kind Regards

alexmacris -> RE: Welcome to (7/5/2006 5:47:36 AM)

hi to the new members! I would reccomend to post questions about firmware to the related forum

skrzat -> RE: Welcome to (7/21/2006 3:38:17 AM)

Hi, I'm Skrzat. I have pioneer dvr-111d in my desctop and nec nd-6500a in laptop. 

jasonps87 -> RE: Welcome to (7/22/2006 10:08:17 PM)

Hello Everyone
just a short intor
I'm from PA, i play with the computers a lot and i get myself stuck a lot.  that would be why i'm here.  thanks for any help you could give me!

alexmacris -> RE: Welcome to (7/26/2006 3:52:29 AM)

Hi and to you friend!

Sir Joe -> RE: Welcome to (8/8/2006 8:49:17 PM)

I am Sergio, I am italian, but living in Argentina...
I lately started to enter dvd movies copying world, more complex than what i thought...
And I am trying to find out some thinghs...

Smoky -> RE: Welcome to (10/18/2006 9:16:40 PM)

Hi there, i am new here, hoping to find some answeres....

durkinjt -> RE: Welcome to (10/21/2006 11:33:07 AM)

Hi, My name is Jim Durkin, 62 year's old, retired ailine employee, live in NJ, like Dvd.Cd copy, travel, sports in general.

P6GBB -> RE: Welcome to (1/16/2007 4:05:30 AM)

Hi from the UK! Found your site when trying to educate myself on Dual layer burning/uses and what the heck to do with upgrading 'firmware'. (If it ain't broken why are you trying to fix it - sort of rationale!) [image][/image] The forums seem ideal for getting a better idea of what's out there - I'll be spreading the word! ATB for 2007.

P6GBB -> RE: Welcome to (1/16/2007 4:10:23 AM)

Hi James, same age group - name's Glen, 67 and retired British Aircraft Corp aircraft service engineer on the military side. Concerned to see your post in October hadn't received any responses. Is the site as active as it could (should) be?
Kind regards

alexmacris -> RE: Welcome to (1/19/2007 5:00:17 AM)

welcome to our forums!

Slyfox 1 -> RE: Welcome to (2/12/2007 1:28:34 PM)

I am proud to meet all of you. I have been a " lurker here for alog time, but have not been a member, I think its time I said thankyou for all I have learned here.

SithTracy -> RE: Welcome to (2/12/2007 7:27:03 PM)

Glad you joined us... Welcome!

tiles24 -> RE: Welcome to (3/4/2007 7:13:59 AM)

Hi all, im John, i have also joined because i have a Problem, hope you guys can help!!

claritzar -> RE: Welcome to (6/7/2007 10:07:57 PM)

I'm claritza from Staten Island NY

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