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Matthew -> Forgetting login (5/11/2005 4:15:18 PM)

Twice yesterday, it turned me into a Guest between forum sections, or on replying - Now I haven't changed anything recently, so has there been a glitchy forum software update?

MP3Mogul -> RE: Forgetting login (5/11/2005 5:11:06 PM)

Matthew there has been a forum update to the latest version.  I've noticed a few things as well, as I can't go back!  It sticks me on the same page if I post and I have to just logoff.....

Cooler -> RE: Forgetting login (5/11/2005 7:10:42 PM)

Looks like forum got messed up with latest(?) update? "Fast Reply" don't work (for me) any more
Reply window has few "features" like ugly formatting(*), linking problems, non-working options, etc.

(*) By ugly formatting I mean... text is already formatted in reply window?! That previous smiley is already seen as smiley - Not as text, as usually! Oh... and linking stops in the middle of operation, I.E. leaving only underlined link visible into window, instead of showing unformatted link with name and resulting underlined working link (name without visible full link) after post... [8|]

Can't apparently attche screen shot to clear this up, either. Doe'nt matter, as most likely all this is already known by admins...

Uh, oh... I'm taking a little holiday and going relax by fishing.
Hopefully situation is better when I'll be back... [:o]

emperor -> RE: Forgetting login (5/12/2005 2:54:11 AM)

There is a another thread for posting problems with the latest upgrade, i am using Fast Reply without any problems, [:)]

Guest -> RE: Forgetting login (5/12/2005 3:38:25 AM)

what i noticed is this: below the "post reply" and "fast reply" buttoms. there are the "new messages", "no new messages" (and some more) explanation signs. This part of the page is not loaded immediately. If you are waiting fora sec for this to load, "fast reply" will work. Otherwise, you'll get the "error on page" message when trying to use fast reply. I already sent an email to the webmaster of the forum. we'll see what happens

emperor -> RE: Forgetting login (5/12/2005 3:58:57 AM)

strange i haven't seen this problem, are you using IE or Mozilla or Opera?

sp -> RE: Forgetting login (5/14/2005 3:29:14 PM)

I apologize to anyone, as I am the person responsible for this glitchy forum upgrade.
I regret saying this, but I did not test the newer version thoroughly myself but (mistakenly) instead based my decision on others...

The problem, as I see now, is related with some slow connections that do not permit full page loading, but instead expire before the onLoad event fires.

I hope we will find some workaround on this soon.

Meanwhile, please do a page refresh and wait a few seconds for the page to load fully. When this happens, the Forum logo/version appear at the bottom of this page.
Then, you can post normally, either through the "fast" or "normal post" buttons.

Exoskeletor -> RE: Forgetting login (5/14/2005 3:38:49 PM)

yeah i have encouder this problem too a lot of times. i hope this will be solved fast. (it would be better if the first think that will load on every page is the button and the body)

emperor -> RE: Forgetting login (5/15/2005 3:24:12 PM)

i think the problem mainly affect modems users, since on DSL the page loads at 1-2secs

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