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Guest -> ATI vs nVidia [high-end models] (5/10/2005 5:24:36 AM)

I personally prefer nvidia because of their driver support. Also, new technologies like SLI and turbocache are not easily found in ATI (hypermemory is worthless).
I tried to post some pictures but it seems i can't do that for now. I'll have the pictures standing by. (Maybe the moderators can grant me a permision to upload images)

The way i see it, nVidia is leading the way and ATI follows as expected[:D]

Fire away, set the thread on fire![:@]

Iggy -> RE: ATI vs nVidia [high-end models] (5/10/2005 6:06:48 AM)

I have an 6800GT and I can play everything I want at high resolution and every feature enabled. So, I don't care which one will perform better with higher fps in benchmark tests, as soon as it can plays everything I like.[;)]

Guest -> RE: ATI vs nVidia [high-end models] (5/10/2005 7:39:36 AM)

i don't care iggy man. i 'm just trying to make a poll out of this

Thanos -> RE: ATI vs nVidia [high-end models] (5/10/2005 8:15:17 AM)

As for NVidia leading the way i'll have to agree.
SLI, Turbocache, PCI-E/AGP bridge and Shader model 3 all originated from Nvidia and now ATi is using them too.

As for image hosting you can use until we get this fixed :)

Guest -> RE: ATI vs nVidia [high-end models] (5/10/2005 8:31:36 AM)

ok, here u go


i think i got this from, not sure

emperor -> RE: ATI vs nVidia [high-end models] (5/10/2005 11:43:34 AM)

pictures upload should work now, sorry about this [:(]

Guest -> RE: ATI vs nVidia [high-end models] (5/11/2005 4:45:55 AM)

here it is again then


Leibniz -> RE: ATI vs nVidia [high-end models] (5/12/2005 5:55:37 AM)

The way I see it all 3 graphics cards suck at performance.
Maybe some 3dmark 2003 results would be more appropriate for these cards.

Guest -> RE: ATI vs nVidia [high-end models] (5/13/2005 3:27:33 AM)

yea, they suck, but i only have nVidia based cardo to test. maybe you guyz can start a battle with a review. make a comp or something

grain -> RE: ATI vs nVidia [high-end models] (5/19/2005 9:01:45 AM)

since there were some probs with my account, here it is again:

Moose1309 -> RE: ATI vs nVidia [high-end models] (5/31/2005 10:19:36 AM)

Ex-nvidia fanboy here who's now an ATI convert (the geforce 5's were just too crappy).  In my (limited) experience, ATI cards are just physically higher quality, heck even the PCB is stiffer. I guess it depends on the brand though, there are some pretty cheap nvidia manufacturers out there.

Yeah Nvidia rules the low-end, great :) If you're a gamer though, ATI.  9800 pro is down to ~US130 shipped. X800XL is another unreal value - it outperforms a 6800GT on anything that's not Doom3 or OpenGL, and it's ~US80 cheaper.  X850XT outperforms a single 6800 Ultra, it's reportedly quieter, and it's ATI :)  If you're in the ~150-200 price range, then yeah go for a 6600GT, they're pretty cool for the price. That's the only nvidia card I would buy right now.

SLI is only worth it if you have to have the fastest thing now, and want to get dual 6800GT's or Ultras. But, next-gen cards will likely outperform that setup with a single card.  Nvidia is very smart - "a fool and his money are easily parted."  Like Iggy said, as long as it plays your games. That's the smartest way to go.

SiliconFreak -> RE: ATI vs nVidia [high-end models] (5/31/2005 12:06:28 PM)

Congratulations Moose1309 for making the right step!!! [:)][;)]

Its exactly as you said....and even more joy coming in following weeks&months from ATI!

With Crossfire ATI will again put Nvidia on its knees....[8D][:D]

Here are some articles about them well...

ATI Defines The Next-Generation of Enthusiast Gaming With CrossFireâ„¢ M-G Processor Platform !
New Catalyst 5.6 to give big boost to PC games !!

Crossfire Defeats SLI In 3Dmark05 And Some Games !
So as You may read above...there are lots of very interesting news in ATI's sector....[:)][;)]

And the thing that makes me real happy is...that this Crossfire works with ALL GAMES!!![;)]...not just SOME like in Nvidia's case...[&:] And it also has much wider future upgrade if my predictions are correct....after few months...ATI will again be nr.1 (like it always was...but some were to blind to see that...[8D][:D])...


Peace Nvidia fans [;)]...there is still G70 outthere for you...[:)]

*SiliconFreak out*

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