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The Black Wizard -> KProbe v2.4.3 Crashes!!! (4/27/2005 7:50:16 PM)

Does anyone else have the same problem? When I go to query my burner or any drive, it crashes! Have tried STPI & ASPI, placing wnaspi32.dll in Kprobe directory. Have no problems with v2.4.2.

Iggy -> RE: KProbe v2.4.3 Crashes!!! (4/28/2005 3:42:21 AM)

Yeah, for me too. Everytime I rum it, with a LiteOn 1673 I get an error message.

MP3Mogul -> RE: KProbe v2.4.3 Crashes!!! (4/28/2005 6:20:48 AM)

Works with my 167T... Just downloaded and installed to see.

The Black Wizard -> RE: KProbe v2.4.3 Crashes!!! (4/28/2005 8:18:05 AM)

When I click on "info", "drive", for any drive, v2.4.3 crashes. PI/PIF test does work on my SOHD-167T.

MP3Mogul -> RE: KProbe v2.4.3 Crashes!!! (4/28/2005 6:44:58 PM)

Yeah, everything is working fine with the new version on my 167t, nothing bad to report.

emperor -> RE: KProbe v2.4.3 Crashes!!! (4/28/2005 7:06:50 PM)

maybe just a software glitch...

MP3Mogul -> RE: KProbe v2.4.3 Crashes!!! (4/28/2005 9:09:58 PM)

I'm not having any problems with it as I stated, but I'm only using it with a DVD ROM drive.

HolyBastard -> RE: KProbe v2.4.3 Crashes!!! (5/15/2005 11:09:18 PM)

Kprobe gives me a BSOD when I start it. I'm using a Lite-on 1673s and I get a message related to a347bus.sys and some addresses.

I think it may be du to my virtual drive or with Alcohol

EDIT: It was related with alcohol 120% and its emulation. to bad it make Kprobe crash. Anyway I haven't got kprobe working without it.

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