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monaco87 -> How to increase rip speed on 3500 (4/21/2005 3:43:45 PM)


I have an NEC 3500AG with stock NEC 2.16 firmware. All I want to do is increase the rip speed of the drive, nothing else. What firmware would you recommend.


Brick_G -> RE: How to increase rip speed on 3500 (4/21/2005 5:27:36 PM)

Any firmware from this site.

Personally I would recommend : Liggy & Dee 2.TC RC3, based on MD16 2.FC with riplock removed and RPC1 (NEW 08-04-2005)

since i use myself version 2.TB which suits all my needs - booktype, region free drive and riplock removed

However if you want to do the best for your drive I recommend supporting it with a DVD-ROM by Lite-On (for great error correction capability) or any other of your choice - this way you extend life period of your drive. Should you decide to do so - you may as well consider obtaining a combo drive - DVD-ROM and CDRW in one device.

Keep in mind that stock firmware has a riplock - but not for teasing end users - it is so - to prevent errors durring extraction. Another important fact is that switching to non-original firmware may result in voiding your warranty (there is a chance it won't be invalidated if you flash it back before RMA).

For the flashing purpose use this tool.

I switche to modded firmware to have booktype for "plus" format. This was the only reason.

koutsou -> RE: How to increase rip speed on 3500 (9/28/2005 3:06:45 AM)

I make a nero CD-DVD speed test and the transfer speed is very slow.
Here is the results:
Nero CD Speed Test results

Operating System Windows XP Professional Drive _NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG Firmware Version 2.FC Serial Number 48KGK02S111 Disc DVD-R Capacity 4.36 GB
Transfer Rate
Start 2.20x End 2.25x Average 2.23x Type CLV I believe that the tranfer rate maybe is too slow.Is there any problem?Or everything is ok?
If i change the firmware i will get better results?
I would like to hear your opinion,for what to do!

Antonio -> RE: How to increase rip speed on 3500 (9/28/2005 3:27:49 AM)

There are many hacked firmwares for this. Check this link:

koutsou -> RE: How to increase rip speed on 3500 (9/28/2005 1:43:50 PM)

Are you sure that changing the firmware,are going to make the Nec 3500 faster?Which firmware do you suggest?

Antonio -> RE: How to increase rip speed on 3500 (9/29/2005 3:40:42 AM)

any firmware with indication riplock remove fits for you.

I don't own a NEC to suggest a specific firmware. In the link I gave you you'll find everything you need. Don't forget there are several pages, not just one, that's why you didn't see anything.[;)]

koutsou -> RE: How to increase rip speed on 3500 (9/30/2005 3:50:55 AM)

I put the one that suggest Brick_G : Liggy & Dee 2.TC RC3.Until this time the problem seems to be ok.The average transfer rate now is 4.75x.Thanks a lot for the help!

Antonio -> RE: How to increase rip speed on 3500 (9/30/2005 6:50:38 AM)

No problem, I am happy you are happy.[:D]

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