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Dolphinius_Rex -> Nero (7/18/2003 11:25:37 PM)

I thought I'd list a few teasers for people interested in the new Nero 6:

-Ability to create "miniDVDs" supposedly on CD-Rs (???)
-Ships with Nero CD/DVD Speed version 2.00 which offers enhanced testing abilities as well as the possibility of C1 error testing in the near future!!
-A nice new WinXP like look
-Very user friendly interface, especially with Nero Express

I'm really looking forward to seeing how this software turns out! [:D]

rabbit -> RE: Nero (7/19/2003 5:15:26 AM)

-Ability to create "miniDVDs" supposedly on CD-Rs (???)

miniDVDs are just regular CDs but play like DVDs (eg. vob files, .ifo, etc.). unfortunately, your DVD player has to support it. not sure if all dvd drives/software can playback these discs.

it was kind of silly that nero 5.5's DVD authoring did not support them, although i assumed that you could have burned them using the ISO9660 if you already have the vob/ifo/etc files all set up.

if they had full compatibility, miniDVDs would be good for music videos, short homemade movie clips, advertising purposes (movie trailers) ...

JackH -> RE: Nero (7/19/2003 6:57:26 AM)

So where is it, anyway?? The 18th has come and gone.

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Nero (7/19/2003 7:11:23 AM)

I'm sure the official release will be soon... maybe they just lost track of time [:p]

MP3Mogul -> RE: Nero (7/19/2003 3:29:45 PM)

Strange, but now Ahead's website says July 25th for both online upgrades, purchases, and for retail stores.

JackH -> RE: Nero (7/21/2003 1:58:06 AM)

It was in today's BestBuy newspaper supplement ad... bet it's not in stock, though!

Maybe someone who has seen it can answer a question I have. The only thing that bugs me about the current version is the lack of a numercial display of the total size of a data compilation. It has a bar graph, but checking the exact amount requires additional mouse clicks, which can be quite annoying when you're trying to fill a disc as closely to the maximum as possible.

Has Nero 6 improved upon this?

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Nero (7/21/2003 2:06:03 AM)

Nope, that isn't fixed, it's not seen as a major problem I suppose [:I]

rabbit -> RE: Nero (7/21/2003 5:37:06 AM)

yeah, that sounds like a good feature to have. and to add to that, they should implement an option to display how much space is left worked into the "bar" section (useful for multisession). as with the above complaint, it takes a few mouseclicks to get that info.

oh well, i'm steering clear of what i'm sure will be a bug-infested nero 6 until a few revisions [:D].

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Nero (7/21/2003 9:46:00 AM)

From what I've seen of Nero it looks pretty good, of course we'll have to wait for the release date before we will really know, and who knows what will be done between the evaluation version which was given out to some people for reviewing, and the version which will be released on the 25th (assuming they don't push the date back again!).

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Nero (7/26/2003 11:23:54 AM)

I've just finished getting the official update for Nero to version so I'll comment a little on it when I've had some time to play with it a bit. All I can say so far is gosh those poor servers are being taxed! I'm sure is getting traffic liek they've never seen before! I bet you that the REAL reason the release date was pushed back is someone mentioned the idea that their server might go down from too many visitors to their site! [:D]

MP3Mogul -> RE: Nero (7/26/2003 5:34:09 PM)

Yeah I got it too... and in just one single word


Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Nero (7/26/2003 10:02:56 PM)

Be careful MP2 Mogul, and watch your results carefully, I found some bugs in the previous version that scared me a little. I hate to say it but use the Nero Verify option, it will catch the problem I speak of. Basically, the initial release of Nero, (I have not tried version with this yet) does not work properly when you burn large amounts of files. Say for instance 200 MP3 files on an 80min CD-R. It will burn all the files, but for some reason (in my case) only 169 of the files will show up when you look at the CD in windows explorer [:0][xx(] oddly enough, when I ran a test on the disc using K-Probe, the disc appeared as completely full, as in the full capacity that I originally attempted to burn showed up, and was testable. So all the files *were* burned.... but only 169 of them were viewable for some reason.... so like I said, becareful, and actually use the verify option, since it will actually catch this problem... LOL! it's the first use I've EVER had for this feature!!!

I'm sure that can appreciate better then most the frustration of only finding 169 of the 200 MP3s you burned... grr [:(!]

MP3Mogul -> RE: Nero (7/27/2003 1:07:53 AM)

Thanks for the info Dolphinius, however, I ALWAYS burn large amounts of MP3's and I've never experienced what you are talking about, and I too, always use the verify feature. Also, thanks for the info, because yes I "CAN" appreciate that, due to the high amount of them I burn, currently I have almost 13,000 audio CD's, all backed up to MP3's. I did blaze 10 cd's today with Nero all without incident, and I'm loving every minute of it.

Only thing I noticed that I didn't like, was Nero's media player (comes with 6.0) hijacks all of your files, just like Windows Media Player. However, you can easily edit what type of files it has control over, and the display unit is very nice.

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Nero (7/27/2003 3:34:17 AM)

Grr [:(!] Nero has not solved my problem, it is still doing the same thing to me, where I burn a CD successfully and the verification show that a bunch of files are missing. I have contacted Nero tech support and am waiting for their reply. I hope I can get this working properly! I just re-installed windows a month ago and don't want to do it again! [}:)]

Update: The problem only seems to happen when authoring CD-Rs, if I take the exact same files and use WinISO to make a Bin/Cue then Nero burns them fine... oddly, when Nero burns an image that puts 654MB of data onto a CD, it thinks the image will burn 659MB of data... [?][?][?] I actually had to "overburn" the disc I burned using Nero, just because it mis-calculated the amount of space the image would require...[:I]

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Nero (7/27/2003 7:17:19 AM)

Okay, I figured out the problem, and it's not quite what I expected! Here goes.

Nero 6 has a new "feature" which they neglected to tell us about... if you have files with the same name, even if they are not in the same directory, or have different file sizes, then when the files are burned (all files are burned) the index will be modified so that one of the duplicate files will not be viewable [:I] This causes the verify feature of Nero to fail, since all the files appear to be slightly different for some reason (possibly due to the indexing changes) and whatever duplicate files that were burned, will not show up in the verification. However, all the data is still there, so the CD-R/W still shows that it was filled to the proper capacity.

So what does this mean to a user? if you are burning albums of music, and you have two directories with two songs with the same title, say perhaps one band is doing a cover of the same song, or perhaps it is a remix. Even if the files sizes are different, if the file *names* are the same, then one will be written out of the index of the CD. *OR* if you are a game designer, and you put your own game onto a CD-R, you might have the same graphics library or similar file in several different directories... well, all but one of these files will disappear.

I will be contacting Nero about this new "feature" and requesting that they implement a warning/request so that you have the option of removing the file, or letting the duplicate stay.

I'm a little sad to say the only reason I figured this out was because WinISO has the same "feature" only it *WARNS* you about it when it activates.

...Well, at least the mystery is solved! [:D]

rabbit -> RE: Nero (7/27/2003 9:50:10 AM)

lol, nero is sucking more all the time. glad i didn't install that piece of garbage v6.

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