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Kingprawn -> DVR-109XLB (4/20/2005 6:42:54 AM)


Am I correct in assuming that the pio dvr-109XLB fw: 1.40 does not support pi/po scanning in the lastest version of dvdinfopro ?

The reason I ask is I have tried with many different dvd+r disc and the test starts and then stops after a few seconds. The crc error check test also shows up tons of errors but when I check the same disc using nero info tools they come back as normal (surface + file scan)?

So is it a software problem ?


zebra -> RE: DVR-109XLB (4/20/2005 6:56:14 AM)

Very interesting indeed! We will need to look into this right away!

zebra -> RE: DVR-109XLB (4/20/2005 7:01:19 AM)


From reading, it seems that you are attempting to compare a CRC error scan made in Nero, to a PI/PO scan, made in your Pioneer drive, using infoPro. Am I reading this right? If this is the case, I can assure you - the two resultants do not correlate. They are totally different measurments. They cannot be compared.

OR, are you attempting to compare DVDInfoPro CRC scan with Nero CRC scan?

Kingprawn -> RE: DVR-109XLB (4/20/2005 7:18:23 AM)


I first tried to do a pi/po scan using the dvr-109 and that failed after a few seconds (with verbatum 8x and verbatum 16x media).

Then I did a crc error check using dvdinfo and it found quite a few errors on the discs. So I used the same discs to do a file & surface scan (ScanDisk) using Nero cd/dvd speed but it didn't find any problems (which is possible as it might be a different type of test).


zebra -> RE: DVR-109XLB (4/20/2005 8:03:05 PM)

Yes! Indeed, they ARE different tests.

The fact that DVDInfoPro has found many errors in CRC scan is a logical reason why PI/PO scanning is also failing. I suggest you try with another disc, and report back to me. :-D

Kingprawn -> RE: DVR-109XLB (4/21/2005 4:48:44 PM)

I have tried many different type of disc and everytime the test start and just goes back to "ready" after about 2 seconds.
Here is a bit of the dvdinfo log

21:53:06 Start TestMediaPresent()
21:53:06 End TestMediaPresent()
21:53:06 Waiting for unit to become ready
21:53:06 Start WaitUnitReady
21:53:06 Ready
21:53:06 Starting PI PO Test...
21:53:06 Start THREAD PIPOPioneereThread()
21:53:06 Pre-Spin up...
21:53:06 PI/PO Test Running
21:53:07 Ready


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