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Trance -> Firmware / DVD suggestions (8/27/2001 6:09:56 PM)

Wonderful site..

If I can make two suggestions.

1)Change the firmware section to list by Manufacturer, then by model and latest firmware. Also, listing the date posted of the firmware and a code to determine wheter the firmware superseeds (contains updates from previous firmware)or is an addition requiring previous firmware flashes. (ex. LiteOn has two firmware for the 1610b... but is one or both required? What order, ect.)

2)Create a DVD section similar to the CD-R. If you apply the same level of attention that you do for the CD-R, it would only further your role as "the" source when it comes to CD-R / DVD.

john -> RE: Firmware / DVD suggestions (8/27/2001 9:52:27 PM)

1) It's coming...

2) When we start testing some DVD-R devices we will give the same amount of details among with the CD-R devices!..Don't worry.

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