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es3 -> 6500A v2.40 (4/13/2005 11:52:28 AM)

hope this won't be off topic... sorry if it is...
I've purchased a laptop (fujitsu siemens) with a NEC 6500A unit. I've experiencing problems when recording cheap media, I think it's very usual and maybe the solution will be flashing new firmware. Should I use the last version (2.24)?
But my big question is that I also have problems READING different media (mainly +R/RW media). My question is: reading problems will be also solved updating software or perhaps this is a malfunction of my unit? does anybody have this kind of problems?

Excuse again if this post is off topic and also my poor English.
Regards from Spain!

emperor -> RE: 6500A v2.40 (4/13/2005 12:33:32 PM)

es3 thanks for your questions. If your drive has problems reading/writing discs, then it could malfunction else you can try the 2.24 firmware to see if has improved anything...

es3 -> RE: 6500A v2.40 (4/20/2005 1:07:21 PM)

Hi! thanks Emperor for your quick response...

I finally solved my problem... I returned my laptop to my vendor and they told me that some units have been experiencing problems with some +R/+RW (DVD of course) media. Not only when recording but also when reading this kind of media. I changed my laptop and now I haven't experienced any malfunction for the moment, even this new laptop has also a 6500A with the same firmware.


emperor -> RE: 6500A v2.40 (4/22/2005 7:09:14 PM)

well sometimes as we can see, the problem is not at the optical drive...[:)]

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