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The James -> Help with Burning DATA DVD's. (4/5/2005 4:38:31 PM)

I've got a NEC 2510A DVD burner with firmware 2.15 on it. This drive is used to burn audio cd's and data DVD's for archival purposes only. Unfortunately my success rate with using DVD as a backup media is abysmal. My only guess is that I'm using media that doesn't work well with my drive.

Anyway...I'm really looking to understand burning a little better. I would like to know how to check compatibility, check media, verify backups and such so that I can be confident in my optical media usage.



MP3Mogul -> RE: Help with Burning DATA DVD's. (4/5/2005 4:46:12 PM)


There are alot of media that your drive will work well with, I'll suggest two, Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden (TY).

You can visit NEC's website for a full compatability list, and I'm sure users will post here as well what their favorite medias for this drive are. You have a good drive, now all you have to do is get some good media!

tqhoang -> RE: Help with Burning DATA DVD's. (4/5/2005 6:01:29 PM)

You might also want to update your firmware to 2.18. Lots of new media support in newer firmware revisions. Also some updated writing strategies, but I don't think you'll ever find an official changelog...

If you're looking for DVD+R(W)(DL) booktype bitsetting, then you should try the Hacked Mad Dog 2.F9 Firmware and use Binflash to do the update.

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