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Y2Jared -> Acer media? (6/20/2003 6:25:44 AM)

I got a 100 pk for 27 bucks in Alberta. Full Pink Top Coating s well. ATIP says:

ATIP: 97m 22s 67f
Disc Manufacturer: Acer Media Technology, Inc.
Reflective layer: Dye (Short strategy; e.g. Phthalocyanine)
Media type: CD-Recordable
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
nominal Capacity: 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f / LBA: 359849)

I heard Acer was pretty good, but looking for more details if I got a good bargain or not and if their 48x media is the same as their older speeds. Thanks!

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Acer media? (6/20/2003 7:50:22 AM)

I personally don't know anything about Acer media (yet!) but if you let us know what kind of CD Burners you have access to, perhaps you can run some tests on media you have burned.

rjw -> RE: Acer media? (6/20/2003 10:46:44 AM)

Acer good. [?] OKay it is true that in European test they allways score at least okay.
However my experience is quite bad and for that reason I only buy them for testing purposes. Not for storrage.
Most Acer media I have used gets problematic after 76 minutes.
protection against sunlight is quite bad.
And the newest 48x I have used under the brands Benq/HEMA allways screw up at high speed wen burnt on my Lite On at full speed.(And most times on lower speeds to.)
My plex 24/10/40A burns these fine even beyond 76 minutes but on my Lite On I still find problems past this 76 minutes.
Another bad point is that the top layer was allready screwed when I bought the HEMA disc's. See also my psot about them.

Y2Jared -> RE: Acer media? (6/20/2003 12:27:07 PM)

I got a Lite-ON 24x burner. Its the 24x model that ends with a B. Sorry I dont knwo the specifics. Anyways, So far I haven't had any problems burning these discs. They seem to be rock solid in my book. 15 burnt so far and its all been good.

MP3Mogul -> RE: Acer media? (6/20/2003 2:24:49 PM)

I hope Acer media is nothing like "acer computer products" were in the past.

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Acer media? (6/20/2003 2:25:36 PM)

When you define media as good, what does it mean?

What you may define as good might be totally different then what rjw, or myself might consider good. For instance, I don't consider media good quality unless it burns reliably at its certified speed, and is able to be tested at 40x and have it show no more then an average of 5 C1 errors per sector. Very good quality is less then 3 C1 errors per sector. You may have a different standard for yourself though, and likely you are not as picky as me [;)]

Y2Jared -> RE: Acer media? (6/20/2003 8:56:22 PM)

Well at least I know the SKC media I bought after reading your review was 1/2 decent. ;), But thats what we are talking about.

I was going to test it on my dads burner, but his computer is lagged to hell to the point where it affects burning as memory is low after the zillion programs he has and such. He has a 40x LiteOn so I guess Id find out the truth to whats been said.

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Acer media? (6/21/2003 1:04:11 AM)

ahh, if you need a copy of K-Probe just send me an e-mail and I'll send you it as an attatchment, since the main site where it was hosted is now down.

Did you get the SKC media from an "Everything for a Dollar Store" in Alberta? I know the chain has MANY locations around Canada. If you did, and if they have the Samsung 10x 74min CD-RWs, I heavily recommend them! [;)]

Y2Jared -> RE: Acer media? (6/21/2003 2:32:16 AM)

Nah, it was at a store retarded called Giant Tiger. They had piles of them for 97 cents and came in a much better solid white coating. Reminded me of the old memorex's with the solid white top, except the coating wasn't smooth and not Flaky like the memorex's where it would come off easy with a long nail or a simple scrap of a pen. It was like really on there. They had those an 10pks of SamSung premium media for 9.99.

Anyways, i just keep my eye out for media to try. Im thinking about trying the generic Black and Gold stuff Walmart and Superstore has in 5 and 10 pks.

I tried Zellers brand of Truly Media, and it was weird CMC media. ATIP said CMC but the ring around it holographically on the cd end was non tradiotion of what CMC has on their discs. Weird stuff.

Willing to do scans if anybody knows of good space just to up pics to without pages. Im too lazy for pages lol. :)

rjw -> RE: Acer media? (6/21/2003 5:28:27 PM)

My standard is no single c2 error and less then 3 C1 average and for archiving it may not have failed my outside torture test.

Y2Jared -> RE: Acer media? (6/21/2003 7:20:14 PM)

lol, then i think it failed your standard. K probe acknowledged the discs as Daxon and reported them have no C2's and an 11 C1 average.

These were also reported as being B- grade. So I think that the higher quality media could be really good as 11 average for 1/2 rate media aint bad.

Hmmm.. Maybe I did something wrong, as its picking up Maxell 24x Taiyo discs as having a 3.5 Average. Which is really good, but when Dolphin reports like 1 or so for Taiyo 20-24x media. , kinda makes ya wonder...

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: Acer media? (6/22/2003 3:28:07 AM)

not all Taiyo Yuden discs are the same quality, but you are unlikely to find one that is poor quality! Another thing to take into account is the speed you burn them at, if you burn them too slow or too fast then the quality will suffer.

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