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Necroplasma -> New Burner (6/15/2003 8:57:52 AM)


I need to purchase a new CD Writer, and the options are the following:

Samsung 48X/24X/48X
Sony 52x/24x/52x OEM
LiteOn 52x/24x/52x Black OEM
AOpen 5224 - 52x/24x/52x IDE

I do not use the CD Writer to burn audio CD's, but only to back up mp3, mpg and my document files..So I would like to be offered a choice that allows me to fulfill the before mentioned tasks the best way possible. My actual burner is a HP 9300 10x/8x/ has never failed [:D]

Thanks a lot for the advice!

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: New Burner (6/15/2003 9:18:28 AM)

Well, judging from the review on this page for the AOpen drive, I would not recommend purchasing that one. And the Sony drive is just a LiteON drive with a hacked firmware and a nice looking sticker that says Sony on it, so that already rules out two for you [:D].

Between the LiteON and the Samsung I would DEFFINATLY choose the LiteON. It's a faster drive (The LiteON is one of the fastest 52x drives on the market!) and it is very compatible with various types of media ESPECIALLY Taiyo Yuden [;)]

You can also download testing software such as K-Probe and/or CD-Doctor which will allow you to test the quality of the your backups, so that you know if your data is secure or not.

on a personal note, I've been using a LiteON for about a year now (the 40125S model, overclocked to a 48125W), and it has served me very well, and produced at least 800 stable burns during its time with me.

but that's just my opinion [:)]

Necroplasma -> RE: New Burner (6/15/2003 9:43:49 AM)

Thanks a lot Dolphinius_Rex!

MP3Mogul -> RE: New Burner (6/15/2003 3:27:58 PM)

Yes I agree too, between those choices, go LiteOn.

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